Pork Rinds are Low Carb Paleo

Pork Rinds are diabetic friendly food. However, pork rinds are so much more than just a low carb snack. They can be used as a ‘chip’ alternative, meatloaf thickener and can even be used as a ‘breading’ when frying or baking meat, especially fried chicken and fried fish!

  • Pork Rinds are low carb and diabetic friendly
  • Pork rinds are versatile!


It’s a fact that pork rinds are very low carb, that’s indisputable. Make sure to read the labels however, you never know when companies will hide sugar or grains in foods. I only eat pork rinds with two ingredients, pork and salt (or sodium).

low carb paleo pork rinds
Low Carb Paleo Pork Rinds


Above is a picture of my favorite pork rinds, but there are many others I eat when on the road.   I only eat ‘plain’ pork rinds.  Flavorings always include chemicals that I prefer to avoid.


Pork Rinds have No Carbs

low carb paleo pork rind nutritional info


Notice the Carb totals?  Zero.  Are Pork Rinds low carb? Absolutely they are. :)

Before moving on to the next section notice a couple of other facts.

-0- Trans Fats, BOOM!

The fats are a given, it’s pork. I love pork fat! Don’t be afraid of healthy fats. The benefits of saturated fats and dietary cholesterol are well-documented.

Pork rinds are low carb, they have good fats and a little protein, what’s not to love?


Ingredients in Pork Rinds

I ONLY eat pork rinds with these ingredients.  I only eat plain pork rinds, not flavored.


pork rind ingredients


When looking at ingredients alone, pork rinds are paleo friendly for sure.  Only two ingredients (pork and salt) equals awesomeness. :)


The Paleo Controversy

But are pork rinds truly paleo?

I follow what I call a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan. What this means to me, I eat a very low carb, ‘real food’ diet.  Mainly meats, eggs, coconut oil, butter, low carb vegetables with occasional nuts and berries.

Strictly speaking I don’t see how store-bought pork rinds could be considered Paleo, but many foods we eat today are in that category.

I don’t think our ancestors were double frying pork skin 20,000+ years ago,  but I don’t think they were making butter, swilling heavy cream or curing bacon  either…. all foods squarely on my ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan.

My point? While pork rinds may not be paleo in a strict sense,  they are a solid member of my low carb paleo diabetes diet “weaponry”.


Adding Pork Rinds to Your Diet

Pork rinds are low carb (zero carb even) and worthy of being on your low carb paleo meal plan. Few foods match the pork rind for versatility.

  • Eat Pork Rinds on the road as a ‘go to’ snack.
  • Pork Rinds make an excellent ‘chip’ for dips at parties.
  • Crushed, they are a crunchy ‘breading’ for frying or baking meats!


Store Bought vs Homemade Pork Rinds

What reservations I have about pork rinds are rooted in their preparation by a food company.

As a rule I do not trust corporations making my food.  Remove these reservations by preparing your own!  I do several times a year. I love them!

Start with step-by-step instructions for delicious Homemade Pork Rinds.


Peace, love and truly normal blood sugars to you all.


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  1. While I try to eat primal, I agree with those that feel some neolithic foods are acceptable. Pork rinds are fantastic! They make a great “breading” and are a perfect snack.

    I can remember as a kid, we all fought over who got more of the crispy outer fat on roasted pork….of course, back then you had a nice thick layer of fat over the meat….and it was a crispy, crunchy treat!

  2. My opinion has always been that they are a healthy snack. Much healthier that potato chips.

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