My First Food Journal – Why I did it?

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You simply don’t need to eat carbohydrates to exercise. — Kurt G. Harris MD

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This post originally ran in April 2010, my overnight fasting blood sugars had been inexplicably higher than normal.  Creeping into the lower 100’s … then low 120’s and then finally reaching as high as 141!!!

At that point I decided enough was ENOUGH!  So I decided to do a food journal and purposefully increase my calories from fat. I truly believe the increase in fasting blood glucose was primarily due to stress but my diet may have been partially to blame as well. I am not talking about carbs… I always eat Very Low Carb. (sub 50 gram always, sub 30g usually).

What this post demonstrates?  By increasing the percentage of my calories coming from fat and reducing the calories from protein my blood sugars reduced significantly!  

As noted many times, nothing occurs in a vacuum, there are always many variables that can increase or decrease blood sugars.


MY First Food Journaling Experience

Due to the previously mentioned higher overnight fasting blood sugars I decided to begin keeping a food journal, I chose

I do not count calories but I include the numbers on this post ONLY because calculates them automatically.

I had 2,952 calories yesterday !!!

Before journaling, I know I was pushing 4, 000 + calories many days and  I am sure I was doing 300g of protein some days as well.

For those new readers, my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar levels had been in the upper 90’s to low 100’s. I woke up one day with a 141 reading…. THAT ONE made me stand up and take notice, and that is the day I decided to start food journaling.

Over the last 11 days, my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar levels  have drastically lowered.

My last five have been 76, 78, 70, 81 and 76. (see below)

Oh, did I mention that I am a Type 2 DIABETIC and that I control my diabetes with diet and exercise…I take -0- drugs and -0- insulin.

Here are my last 5 Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar levels … pretty aren’t they? :)

** I have read that “experts” suggest that everyone keep a food journal for a week, once a year.  I have to agree, based on my experience.


Summary:   How did I measure up against my goal or plan

Protein: Original Goal was 140 grams per day… average 158 grams. While I did not meet my goal, I did greatly reduce protein consumption. That was the main goal.

Carbohydrates: my daily goal of 20 grams +/- 10. Met this goal, average 17g per day.

Once you “kick the habit” …going Very Low Carb is EASY!!!

Fats: Goal is 75% of total calories. Met this goal, ok… I was off 1 %… I can live with that. :) I was very pleased.

** Special Thanks to Anne Luther for mentioning protein consumption as a possible reason for my higher Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar levels.


My Food Journal Picture

This is an AVERAGE…and will be my last one for a while…




Based on this experience and many more since this April 2010 Food Journal, I recommend that EVERYONE keep a food journal at least one week out of the year.   Often times it will surprise you.

I strongly recommend that ALL diabetics maintain a Food Journal anytime their Blood Sugars creep out of the normal ranges.

“Carb Creep” is real and it happens to so many, especially if you still eat grains, sugars and cereals.