Primal Fun with a PhD!

Not just for diabetics but for all of us, the greatest obstacle to living a long and healthy life? The medical industry. The medical industry, including doctors, nutritionist and diabetes educators cause so much harm… every damn day.

  • When it comes to diabetes care – you must question everything.
  • Initials before your name (Dr.)  or after your name (PhD, CDE, RD, etc ), means nothing


I have debated doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators online and ‘face to face’.  Their ignorance and their pompous attitude  causes much harm.  Much of their diet and diabetes ‘training’ is bought and paid for by Big Food and Big Pharma.

A PhD in BioChemistry who knows nothing about biology.


This post is about a ‘discussion’ on twitter with a PhD in BioChemistry.  As you will see letters after your name are meaningless in some cases.  The picture above is his ‘social media’ profile picture. Notice the papered wall in the picture?

For reference, I am a formerly obese, formerly drug  and insulin dependent diabetic who since 2009 has been normal weight and, diabetes drug and insulin FREE! All while maintaining truly normal blood sugars.


Initials Mean Nothing

He’s trying to impress you with his certifications.  It is done to imply that his words should be trusted because of  his ‘learning’. This is a common ploy used to instill a false sense of authority.

USE THIS post as a ‘case study’ on what is wrong with our ‘medical industry’. Study and pay attention to this guy’s pompous attitude and reckless comments.

If I took him seriously (and I don’t) his advice, like so many others would lead me back on a path of drugs and insulin.

Note: I respect all persons …who are respectable.  I respect ALL those who attain their PhDs … until they prove otherwise.

  • The discussion I had with this ‘PhD’ is similar to discussions I’ve had with others in the medical industry, including medical doctors, hospital nutritionists, dietitians, Endocrinologists and even Harvard trained Diabetes Educators. :)


Note:  What do all those people above have in common? They all memorized information in a book … the information was wrong.

The information memorized was paid for by Big Food and Big Pharma tainted studies. 

Now… on with the discussion. Keep in mind, on twitter you only have 140 characters per ‘tweet’…. so communicating is ‘different’.


A PhD Speaketh!


It all began when I posted this true statement.



Our bodies do not require us to consume carbohydrates, the liver through the process of gluconeogenesis produces all of the glucose we need. Having posted the statement above, the PhD replied with …



” …all carbs are essential.”


The above statement shows he knows nothing about nutrition or even biology.

Makes you wonder if he’s received any Big Pharma or Monsanto ‘contributions’.  I mentioned my usual statement anytime an ADA Minion makes a ridiculous comment like this ,

“WE do not require carbs to survive … nor to thrive. The body makes all the glucose it needs, we simply need to supply the protein and fats.  The body burns them as the main source of fuel.”

Glucose and Ketones are the preferred fuel for our bodies. Our bodies will produce ALL the glucose and ketones we  need!

The body needs GLUCOSE that is true but as I have repeated here and elsewhere MANY TIMES … the body through gluconeogenesis produces all we need.



Ah HAHAHA! … like all the ‘Harvard trained’ Certified Diabetes Educators who attempt to impress me with their ‘book learning’… he dropped his ‘training’ and  his initials (PhD) on me…. which, as you can see means absolutely nothing.

As I like to say, I have a “PhD in Me”! , I have normal blood sugar and I take -0- drugs or insulin.

I should believe that what I’m doing is wrong and believe what this PhD says? Not hardly. I do believe in what several doctors and PhD’s say regarding low carb and primal meal plans because I heeded their advice and tested it myself.



Here we go… he doesn’t come out and say it but ‘balanced meals” and ‘complex carb’ are code words for healthy whole grains, fruits, potatoes, legumes etc etc.

He does mention diet guidelines, he’s talking about the grain based FDA Food Pyramid …ooops I mean the FDA Food Plate.



No need to re-read my textbooks … I live them EVERY DAY.

There are books I heed, “The Primal Blueprint”, “The Paleo Solution” and “Diabetes Solution”.



I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009, it is now 7/2/2017,  six years since I first encountered this ‘Biochemical PhD’. In those six years I have maintained normal weight, normal blood sugars and I’m in excellent health and condition.

A large part of my success is following this meal plan, “A Meal Plan You Can Live With“, it’s essentially the opposite of what the PhD above was instructing me to do. … and I thrive.

YOU must learn to question everything, every thing.


Medical Industry Ignorance

Is it due to …

a) Willful Ignorance

b) Intellectual Laziness

c) Greed

d) Or all of the above?


Open your mind and learn to question everything!  Luckily I have a blood sugar meter as my guide. :)


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