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I rebelled against the diabetes care advice the Medical Industry was 'serving', and began following a 'low carb paleo' meal plan since 2009. Not only did I wean off of ALL drugs, insulin, and medical industry services, I have maintained truly normal blood sugars.

A Little Rebellion

pork butt is diabetes friendly
I love big butts! ... Boston butts that is. :) Fatty meats are the cornerstone to my diabetes diet.

I LOVE Big Butts

I joke about clown diabetes educators (CDEs) all the time. I mock, ridicule as well as aggravate them routinely. HOWEVER, just know that their buffoonery while worthy of ridicule and mocking ... has a VERY serious consequence.

Clown Diabetes Educators (CDE)

You meet a lot of interesting people on social media… this is certainly the case of Janey Ng. She is one of the growing number of diabetes success stories following a ‘low carb paleo’ diabetes diet. Her story is a powerful one! her story will prove anyone can go, ‘low carb paleo’. […]

Diabetes in Malaysia and Janey Ng

When diabetics follow a high carb, grain-based diet they face the harmful and dangerous diabetes 'roller coaster', with soaring highs...and crashing lows. The medical industry diets can not TOUCH THIS!

ADA Can’t touch this.

You should eat a diverse diabetes diet. Read below, do not assume you know what I am referring to, the devil is in the details. diversity of foods generally equates to more diverse nutrients consumed. there are no ‘essential carbohydrates’.   Your diabetes diet should not only include meats (fatty meats […]

Bacon and Chicken Livers

The title is meant to imply that this rub would go well on anything … but Truth be told I have NOT tried this ‘rub’ with everything … I have tried it with chicken, beef steaks and fish… and I LOVE IT. Like 99% of my foods … it’s so […]

Blackened … ____ (fill in the blank with meat)

keep an eye on it....Not literally that would be PAINFUL! :)) Do it right and you'll be rewarded with THE best tasting BACON ... ever!!! The smokey flavor from the grill.... OMG GOOD!!!!

Grilled, Thick Cut, Peppered Bacon

A proper diabetes diet is truly the key to managing diabetes. Coconut flour is low carb and a nice addition to your diabetes diet.

Coconut Flour Gravy.

The American Diabetes Association has caused an immeasurable amount of pain and suffering. This post provides the details of just one of many examples of their harmful diabetes diet advice.

ADA’s Harmful Diabetes Diet Advice

IF the American Diabetes Association cared more about diabetics than it did favoring it's large corporate donors... it would promote a low carb paleo style meal plan and it would be holding up Dr. Bernstein as a model diabetic for all.

A True Diabetes Educator

Why would a diabetes educator make derogatory comments about me? Why would she say mean, hateful things about me? ... because I make bold, accurate and statements...

Unhelpful, Unkind and Twisted!

It's a win/win! Everyone wins! ...except diabetics. Wake up and send a message to the Medical Industry and Big Food. Say NO to the ADA and their meal plan.... say YES to my 'diabetes warrior diet'.

Novo Nordisk STOCK SOARS… Congrats ADA.