Unhelpful, Unkind and Twisted!

I’ve ‘taken on’ many in the medical industry, including doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators. Karen Johnson a diabetes educator and the subject of this post, was one of the first “ADA Minion” I had words with.  She had the audacity to call me ‘unkind’, among other things.

  • The Medical Industry harms millions of people every single day.
  • People pay for advice that cause them more pain and suffering.


Why would she say mean, hateful things about me?  Because I speak the truth. I make bold, accurate statements like the one in the meme below.



If the truth hurts… so be it. Millions suffer every damn day, while a relative few profit. The Medical Industry, Big Pharma and Big Food companies all profit.  Everyone profits… except those with disease.


An ADA Minion Encounter

An ADA Minion, who happens to be a “Certified Diabetes Educator”, took issue with statements similar to those I made above.

I received a post to my Facebook page from Karen Johnson (see the picture below), I will answer her comments individually.



Unhelpful and Unkind

Hmmm, on a daily basis I help diabetics lower carbohydrate consumption. As blood sugar levels drop into normal ranges, I suggest they reduce drugs and insulin.

I’m helping diabetics reduce their costs and improve their health.  What could be MORE helpful and “kind” than giving a diabetic better health?

ADA MINION (like Karen Johnson) offer the vast majority of diabetics two things.

  • A life of ever-increasing needs for drugs, insulin and medical industry services.
  • A downward spiral in health, culminating in amputations, organ failure and early death. In fact, the medical industry tries to convince diabetics that diabetes is a debilitating disease. It does NOT have to be … there is a better way!

THE ADA (and their Minion) support a diabetes diet that CAUSES the vast majority of it’s adherents to require  more drugs and insulin!

Big Pharma rewards the ADA with millions each year in ‘contributions’, $31 million in 2012.

How’s that working out for the 30 million diabetics???  Not too good.


Inaccurate and Twisted

The audacity, the self-righteous and pompous attitude… the nerve.

I am off all drugs and insulin while I THRIVE!  And I give out much of my advice absolutely FREE!  You can purchase my ebook for the price of a Big Mac Happy Meal, “How to Reduce Blood Sugars“.


THE ADA and their Minion can’t stand it. They want you on their diet and on their “payment plan” so they can profit from you pain and suffering. That is an option and it’s an option millions of diabetics take every day.

Or you can eat, play, live… like me.


LOW CARB PALEO is Based on Science

Real science, not the science bought and paid for by Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

Do you want real proof?   I wrote a post, “Low Carb Paleo Proof” with much more information but here are a few studies from the post that show the science of low carb.

Low Carb as the first approach to treating diabetes. This is a “MUST READ”.


This next group of articles is from Stephan Guyenet, these articles are powerful!

Paleolithic Diet Trials

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 2

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 3

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 4

One Last Thought

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 1

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 2


SO …if you want to follow the ADA diet, stay on meds and insulin… and PAY FOR the “help”… go see Fit4D.


I Want to be Hated

I tried kindness. I went on ADA friendly diabetes sites and tried to share the truth in a positive and friendly manner.

I was mocked, blocked and ridiculed.

ADA Minions would say things like “diabetics deserve to eat regular food”.

NICE does NOT get the attention of DIABETICS when MINIONS are telling them:

“eat sugar and bread … it’s what your doctor wants…here…eat some more rice….have some pasta… See you next week for your next appointment…. Don’t forget your checkbook! ”


Silencing the Diabetes Educator

Karen Johnson and I exchanged a few replies, then I request this…




I am so glad I did not listen to pathetically ignorant and mis-guided medical industry ‘professionals’, who told me low carb paleo was harmful….


Harmful Diabetes Advice

Your blood sugar goals should be to stay below 90 mg/dl (3.3 – 5.0 mmol/l) fasting and below 120 mg/dl throughout the day (or lower). If you disagree with these targets, please read this post, ‘My Targets and Why“. Bad things happen as blood sugars approach and exceed 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l) consistently.

Follow my diabetes diet for thirty days and your blood sugars will decline and most likely you will need to reduce your blood sugar medications including insulin if you use it.

Imagine that? Lower blood sugars and reducing medications! What a new concept!

I have been following the real food diabetes diet, for almost seven years… and I THRIVE with diabetes.


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

READ MY BOOK! How to Reduce Blood Sugars.

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7 thoughts on “Unhelpful, Unkind and Twisted!”

  1. Compassion & Kindness.
    Unfortunately our society is leaning more towards compassion & kindness and away from Facts & Knowledge. When I was diagnosed type 2 in September 2009, the compassionate doctor kindly gave me the ADA meal planning kit and oh so nicely pointed me to the pharmacy to get my meter and metformin. She was so very sensitive to my feelings and gave me a hug before sending me home. It wasn’t until later after much reading did I realize how dangerous my numbers were and that I need to take extreme action to get my numbers control. I did try the suggested meal plan and my numbers held steady above 250! After more reading I threw my meal plan out the window and started over and brought my daily average down to 105. I WISH my doctor would have been LESS kind and compassionate and actually told me I was in DANGER! I now realize that even though I must report to my Doctor, I am on my own. However, I arm myself with facts (eat by my meter) and through those facts I am gaining the knowledge I need to make the best of this situation!

    1. You raise a very valid point Brian.

      We all know that “Tough Love” is too often the best medicine…and seldom used.

      Thanks for the COMMENT!


  2. I’ve had the misfortune of being sent to about 3 different dietitians. They were unable to answer any questions that weren’t in their “scripts”. In other words, don’t ask questions just do as you’re told. Sorry, I really have a problem with doing what I’m told by someone that hasn’t experienced what I’m going through.

    I have to be honest, I tried the recommended way of eating and all that happened was I continued to gain weight–I was hungry all the time and I wasn’t able to satiate my appetite. My life was miserable and the progression of my diabetes continued to worsen. If I had had an allergic reaction to a peanut would I have been advised to cut the peanut in half or leave it alone but it’s ok to use peanut oil? Being advised to eat something that my body changes to sugar doesn’t make sense either.

  3. I have to say, though, that it is possible to be kind and compassionate and give the CORRECT information to the patient. “Tough love” doesn’t work if you still give poor diet information! You just end up making the patient resent you, and they fail anyway because the information is wrong in the first place.

  4. @ julie

    I have to say, though, that it is possible to be kind and compassionate and give the CORRECT information to the patient. “Tough love” doesn’t work if you still give poor diet information! You just end up making the patient resent you, and they fail anyway because the information is wrong in the first place.

    You are correct of course Julie. If you ask people that I work directly with… I believe all would tell you that I am a very friendly, compassionate person and I hope entertaining. I do believe in “enforcing” the meal plan rules ESPECIALLY for diabetics.

    HOWEVER my patience and manners do wear thin when I see “certified educators”, many of whom no nothing about paleo meal plans, criticize it and even mock it , in public forums. This all the while they benefit from the continued failure of the existing “food pyramid” and diabetic treatment in general.

    Thank you for posting.


    PS – I did delete my first response, I erred in understanding your message and I do apologize for the misunderstanding.

  5. Steve,
    I really have no idea just what Julie intended but it is possible to interpret her statement as general statement of fact that is _not_ directed at you or the advice you give. The phrase “the patient” tends to make me think she is referring to MDs giving “tough love” and still giving the standard ADA advice, i.e., wrong information; by this interpretation, the advice you are espousing would fit the “CORRECT information” phrase.

    Just a thought.

    1. Actually… I believe you are absolutely correct. I went back and re-read the comment.

      Additionally, I received a friend request in Facebook…she had referred a person to me for help.

      So, as I too often have to do…. I will swallow my pride and apologize. :) In my defense, I will say that the response to my posts in other media was intense at times, so my nerves were frayed at the time.

      Thanks for your comment!


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