Novo Nordisk STOCK SOARS… Congrats ADA.

Did you know that Novo Nordisk (NVO) a drug and insulin manufacturer,  donates millions of dollars to the American Diabetes Association (ADA)? In 2012 according to the ADA’s own records Novo gave the ADA over $12 million dollars?!  Big Pharma alone gave ADA over $31 million in 2012.

  • Influencing diabetes care guidelines is good for business
  • Business is good for the ADA and Novo Nordisk


Healthcare including drugs and medical services are growth industries.  Let’s look a NVO’s stock chart.




The red dot was approximately the time of my diabetes diagnosis February 2009, the stock price was about $5 and change.  As you can see, that’s about the time Novo Nordisk’s stock price took off. I’m not claiming personal responsibility… lol, just saying.


Novo Nordisk Up 1,000%

Had you bought NVO’s  stock in February 2009, you would have approximately 1,000% profit!

Not a bad business to be in, especially with the American Diabetes Association and the Medical Industry promoting a ‘meal plan’ that…


  • is creating more diabetics in record breaking numbers
  • causes existing diabetics to take MORE insulin, not less.

Novo Nordisk gives millions to the ADA to promote a drug and insulin inducing meal plan… while many diabetics can not afford insulin.


Who Benefits?

Novo Nordisk and the Medical Industry has done quite well in the past seven years.

Isn’t this FANTASTIC NEWS for the drug company and their shareholders?

ISN’T THIS FANTASTIC NEWS for the American Diabetes Association?


Diabetes is at epidemic levels, worldwide! Medical Industry studies show 90% of diabetics fail in maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

Why does the ADA promote a meal plan that REQUIRES MANY to take more drugs and insulin.


The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Big Food companies have made Novo Nordisk’s stockholders very happy.  And Novo Nordisk has rewarded the ADA with millions of dollars in ‘contributions’.

It’s a win/win!  Everyone wins! …except diabetics.

Wake up and send a message to the Medical Industry and Big Food. Say NO to the ADA and their meal plan…. say YES to my ‘diabetes warrior diet‘.

Become a DIABETES WARRIOR and fight diabetes…. today!


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    1. Agreed Aaron. If there was not proof of a better way I could somewhat understand. Yet, despite studies showing Low Carb / Paleo is THE way to go…THE ADA promotes a diet, heavy in grains that is similar in composition to the feed farmers feed their cows to fatten them for slaughter. Yet it is deemed “healthy”… I wonder why?

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