Low Carb Paleo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are low carb paleo?  Are chicken wings diabetic friendly? Yes and yes!

  • How to make low carb paleo chicken wings
  • Naked chicken wings are paleo and diabetes friendly


I ate chicken wings throughout my youth and adult years. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I knew I had to give up some of the foods I’d eaten all my life.


low carb paleo chicken wings
low carb paleo chicken wings


Soon after a diagnosis I realized that the “ADA Way” of ‘Carb up and Shoot Up’ was harmful.  I began to lower carb intake and increase animal fats and meats. I was ELATED when I learned I could eat many of my favorite foods from my past… like low carb paleo chicken wings!


The Devil is in the Details

Yes chicken wings can be low carb paleo and truly diabetes friendly if you use quality spices  … but they can also be sugary, glutenous ‘junk’.

It’s all in the preparation. If you buy in a restaurant, I always make sure to tell them that I am diabetic and that I need to make sure there is no breading and NO sugar.


In other words, I want these sugar free and NAKED!   Naked chicken wings is the term we use for breading-free wings.  I rarely eat chicken wings in restaurants for this reason.

Note:  Most restaurants will fry their wings in vegetable oils, I avoid vegetable oils.

However the great news is… you can make these easily at home by baking and broiling.  Yes, it takes time and effort but it is a simple process.


Low Carb Paleo Chicken Wings

While many were preparing carb and sugar rich “treats” for the Super Bowl gatherings … I prepared a very low carb paleo and diabetic friendly meal, including chicken wings!


Separating the leg from the wing tips.

First, you can either cut your own wings or buy them pre-cut, I prefer to cut my own.   You want to separate the drummette from the wing tip. Once they are cut you simply place them on a broiler pan and sprinkle with your favorite seasonings.

In the picture above, mine are ready to go into the oven with only pepper and cajun spice .


Baking and Broiling


IF you are in a hurry, you can simply broil the wings on one side until proper crispiness, flip and repeat.

I prefer to bake @ 350 degrees for about an hour, then broil for 5-10 mins until crispy.

Next, I turn the wings over and repeat the process, my family prefers their wings very crispy, we do not like them “wet”,  My youngest son said as a child, “I don’t like them slippery”.  Good man. :)  I really like them dry and wet.

We are headed for the home stretch!!

Chicken Wing Coatings

slap ya mama
Slap Ya Mama

It will not be long now and succulent, spicy wings will be YOURS!!!   :)

When you place the wings under the broiler for the last time, begin to prepare a large glass bowl for the final step. To do this, add your favorite pepper sauce ( I use Texas Pete) , a few tablespoons of butter and your favorite spices. The spices I used are black pepper, red pepper, paprika and Slap Ya Mama cajun spices.


Once the wings have reached perfect crispiness, remove from the oven and begin placing the wings in the sauce/spice bowl. I used a large plastic spoon to turn the wings to make sure they are evenly coated.

I usually can’t wait so I begin to dig in almost immediately…. however the seasonings will soak in to the wings and they will actually taste better after sitting … just microwave to re-heat.

Note: A large plastic tub with a lid works great for the coating process, you can shake, rattle and roll the wings for maximum coating. BUT after coating remove the lid. If you leave the lid on , the heat and moisture will build up and “wrinkle” the wings.

That’s it…HOPE YOU ENJOY!!! :)


Chicken Wings Nutritious and Delicious

Chicken wings are full of healthy fats and proteins. If you use truly healthy means to cook, spice and coat them… they can be an important food for you.

My family and friends love these low carb paleo chicken wings!   It’s a win, win, win!

Check out my diabetes friendly, low carb paleo meal plan.


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  1. Look for Sweet Baby Ray’s hot wing sauce at WM too – ingredients looks safe and “0” carbs to a serving. A spoonful will treat like 3 segments.

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