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If you want to graze, and spend the rest of your life in a downward health spiral taking more and more drugs... and requiring more and more medical industry services... BY ALL MEANS GRAZE! But if you want to thrive, and truly start LIVING! Eat a truly low carb paleo meal plan.

Diabetics Should Graze! WTF?

I rebelled against the diabetes care advice the Medical Industry was 'serving', and began following a 'low carb paleo' meal plan since 2009. Not only did I wean off of ALL drugs, insulin, and medical industry services, I have maintained truly normal blood sugars.

A Little Rebellion

If you turn over a rock in the nutrition industry ... you'll find the money of Big Food and smell the stench of greed. I have spent little ink on the American Society of Nutrition or ASN. The American Society of Nutrition may be EVEN worse than the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. How so? I'll tell you why. :)

The Vilest Villain?

statins, diabetes care?
As the ADA receives more and more money from Big Food and Big Pharma... they must recommend more and more policies to repay their corporate masters. The cholesterol policy change is more evidence of just that.

ADA Updates Diabetes Care

Is your medical industry professional a member of the Idiocracy? The Medical Industry promotes a high carb, blood sugar elevating meal plan to those that need it the LEAST… diabetics. If that is not idiotic, I’m not sure if anything is…

Idiocracy in Diabetes Care

The medical industry doesn't have 'diabetes care experts', they have experts at increasing diabetes care. They promote diets and lifestyles that increase the need for diabetes care, diabetes services and diabetes drugs.

Experts of Diabetes Care?

Healthcare would be designed to make you healthy. We do not have that. We have a system designed to mask or cover up symptoms, while our underlying health deteriorates.

It is Deathcare Not Healthcare.

The Accord Diabetes Care Study is used to harm and mislead diabetics every single day.  People with alternative motives use the Accord Study to convince diabetics that ‘strict control’ is harmful. Following a low carb paleo diabetes diet with strict control is the best way to manage diabetes The Accord […]

Decoding the Accord Diabetes Care Study