Idiocracy in Diabetes Care

Idiocracy the movie (and this post) has important lessons for everyone, not ‘just’ diabetics. Idiocracy is a dark comedy that speaks to the corporate and governmental ills we face today.

  • Look for the parallels with today’s nutritional guidelines and diabetes care.
  • Corporations are causing much harm … for profit.
  • Corporatacracy is what we really have.  A system of governance controlled by corporations.


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Before I begin let me remind you of this.  Diabetes is a disease of high blood sugar. The two main reasons for elevated blood sugar are a lack of insulin from a decrease in pancreatic function and insulin resistance.


Idiocracy Groundwork

Fact:  The Medical Industry including the American Diabetes Association promotes a high carb, blood sugar elevating meal plan to those that need it the LEAST… diabetics.   If that is not idiotic,  I’m not sure if anything is… 


If you have never seen the movie “Idiocracy” … you should watch it. The movie is a futuristic look at the ‘dumbing down’ of the human race.  By the way, Brawndo is a fictional product that apparently is used for feeding plants… which immediately reminded me of how we are told we ‘need’ Gatorade.

I shared a link and jokingly called the movie a documentary, it is not.  It’s a futuristic comedy that is eerily similar to the nutritional and diabetes care guidelines.


Idiocracy in Diabetes Care

Sadly there is so much truth in the movie.

I urge you to watch the two short clips below and tell me if you agree with me … or not.

First is the official movie trailer from 2006.




This next clip is ONLY a minute and eight seconds.

Every time I watch it… I think of the similarities to the Medical Industry today.  The Medical Industry parrots Big Food’s and Big Pharma’s sales spiel.

So many times I have had similar discussions with doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and certified diabetes educators when it comes to eating sugar and grains. We are told we should eat grains … for fiber. I do not eat grains and I have been grain free since 2009.


Brawndo and Grains

In the video…

  • every time they say ‘Brawndo’ think ‘grains’.
  • every time they say ‘electrolytes’ think ‘fiber’
  • every time they say ‘plants’ think ‘people’.

Therefore, when someone says, ‘Branwdo has what plants need, electrolytes’ … think…

‘Grains have what people need, fiber.”



How many times have you heard an ignorant medical industry professional say, ‘people need to eat grains for fiber’? I and many others are completely grain free.  No breads, cakes, cookies, pasta nor cereals.


Idiocracy in Diabetes Care

The Medical Industry claiming that anyone needs grains is idiotic … especially when they suggest grains for DIABETICS!

The logic of that idiotic belief is exactly the same as the idiots in the movie stating and restating over and over that plants need Brawndo… it’s a lie.

The main character Joe Bauer comes to the same conclusion I did in 2009.

His conclusion:  “The plants aren’t growing so I’m pretty sure Brawndo is not working.  Now I’m no Botanist but I know that if you put water on plants they grow”.

My conclusion: “Diabetics are not thriving on the ‘carb up, shoot up’ diabetes protocols, in fact  many are barely surviving.  The grain based high carb meal plan  is not working. I know that a low carb paleo meal plan allows me and many others to THRIVE!!”


Idiots in the Medical Industry

Just like the idiots in the movie, the idiots in the Medical Industry (Doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and certified diabetes educators) repeat the same failed untruths to diabetics … every day, over and over.

And it would be HILARIOUS …  except that the ‘real life’ idiots cause so much pain and suffering.
The next time you hear some ‘idiot’ tell you that you must eat grains for fiber, ask them if Brawndo has what plants require?

There is a long list of idiotic advice the Medical Industry provides… here are a few.

  • we need to eat 120 g of carbs per day for body (or brain) function.
  • we need to eat 45-60 g of carbs per meal, 4-6 meals per day.
  • diabetes is debilitating  (it certainly can be and is for those who follow a ‘carb up shoot up’ diabetes treatment protocol).
  • diabetes is a progressive disease (similar to above, it can be if you ‘carb up and shoot up’)
  • diabetics should eat a low fat, high carb meal plan.  ( I eat high fat, very low carb)


You must learn to think for yourselves.

Is  your medical industry professional a member of the Idiocracy?

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