Brace Yourselves – Diabetes Awareness Month is coming

Brace yourselves! Diabetes Awareness Month is coming!!

November is ‘World Diabetes Month”! The American Diabetes Ass (ADA) claims it is raising awareness but it’s really all about raising money.

  • November is like Christmas for the ADA and it’s Minions.
  • The ADA holds it’s hand out, ‘palm up’ for an entire month… begging for donations to raise ‘diabetes awareness’.
  • The ADA receives millions of dollars from the Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

Diabetics do NOT need anyone raising awareness for them… what they REALLY need is honest, helpful advice that is not influenced by Diabetes Profiteers.


In my opinion we do not need to raise awareness for diabetes. This is nothing more than a marketing ‘scheme’ for raising money. What diabetics  really need is truly diabetic friendly diabetes protocols.

Instead of Diabetes Awareness

  • Tell diabetics that diabetes does NOT have to be a debilitating disease, if they will only maintain truly normal blood sugars. 

  • Promote a truly diabetic friendly ‘diabetes diet’, one that will help diabetics maintain truly normal blood sugars, instead of making it exponentially more difficult.

  • Provide honest diabetes education that is not tainted by the ADA’s largest corporate donors, mainly Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry. 

We do need
to educate people regarding the harm of elevated blood sugars! The information the ADA is promoting is not accurate and actually causes more harm. Here is a post on my blood sugar targets and why. 

You would have to live under a rock NOT to be AWARE of the diabetes epidemic around the world. The ADA claiming it’s fundraising campaign is designed to ‘raise awareness’ … is a joke.

Successful Diabetes Education

Diabetes AWARENESS is NOT what we need .. .we need effective, non-biased education on successful diabetes protocols, starting with a truly diabetes friendly meal plan.

And no amount of fund-raising and donation to the ADA is going to change that.

  • The ADA and the Medical Industry still promotes a drug first “carb up, shoot up” diabetes treatment plan.
  • The ADA and the Medical Industry still promotes harmful blood sugar targets that cause diabetics harm.

Donating to the ADA

In fact, if you help raise money for or donate to the American Diabetes Association, you are actually helping them misinform people. Please do not ask me to contribute or help raise money for a group that purposely misinform diabetics.

The ADA’s Diabetes Awareness Month is NOT about raising awareness of diabetes … it IS about raising money for the American Diabetes Association.

Big Pharma gives ADA MILLIONS of $$$ every year.  Read this post to learn how much ($31 m in 2012) … and this is JUST BIG PHARMA, it does not include the money from food companies such as Pepsico, Coke, Hershey, General Mill etc … and we know they give plenty.

Want to Affect Change?

Do NOT promote Diabetes Awareness Month… do NOT help the ADA raise money to promote a high carb, grain based, drug inducing meal plan… I do NOT.

Helping promote and support the American Diabetes Association (or their cronies) is not going to affect change in a beneficial way. There are many groups that have spent MILLIONS of dollars already. The problem is not money spent, it’s the information being spewed forth.

The ADA and ADA Minion do “some” good. Some of their work is beneficial, however the “bad” that they do far outweighs the beneficial acts. When you balance the promoting of a harmful meal plan to 30 million diabetics in the US and about 350 million worldwide … how can you say they are “net beneficial”?

Make a Stand

SO I PROMOTE that we make them stand up and listen. How do we do that??? HIT THEM IN THE POCKET BOOK. When they see a reduction in donations … maybe they will listen.

After DECADES of “raising 10’s of MILLIONS of dollars for awareness” … and years of promoting “awareness” on the internet and through American Diabetes Association, through nutritionists, dietitians and even…. “Certified Diabetes Educators”….

95% of the diabetics I talk to … do not have a clue about the benefits of a low carb meal plan.

95% of the diabetics I talk to do not know what truly normal blood sugars are.

A lack of donations to the ADA is not the problem, the ADA is part of the problem.

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