I have many new visitors to the site… thanks and WELCOME! I attempt to do a variety of things here … one of them is posting food posts, to give people options.   I adhere to a “Very Low Carb Paleo” meal plan which has allowed me to successfully manage diabetes, […]

Bacon Butter and Coffee

You should eat a diverse diabetes diet. Read below, do not assume you know what I am referring to, the devil is in the details. diversity of foods generally equates to more diverse nutrients consumed. there are no ‘essential carbohydrates’.   Your diabetes diet should not only include meats (fatty meats […]

Bacon and Chicken Livers

Some may consider this food post ‘bizarre’ or unusual…. it’s just fish and bacon. I have talked about the importance of eating non-traditional foods and expanding your food varieties. Here is a post dedicated to the subject, “Bizarre Foods“.  Here is a post with foods that I called bizarre, “Cactus, […]

Bacon & Smelt

Yesterday, Saturday 9/3/11  was INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!! I posted about my celebratory meal which was my version of the “Bacon Explosion“, click here if you missed it.  Mark schweigert and I had a friendly competition to see who could make the best … and he clearly won.  However, as Mark said, […]

International Bacon DAY – Champion! :)

This post is more of a pictorial view than a recipe.  I know what you are thinking… So what else is new! :) When I did my lowER fat experiment  (NOT low fat … lowER fat), in an attempt to reduce fats I re-discovered my grill. I am so glad […]

Grilled, Bacon Wrapped, Chicken Livers…

keep an eye on it....Not literally that would be PAINFUL! :)) Do it right and you'll be rewarded with THE best tasting BACON ... ever!!! The smokey flavor from the grill.... OMG GOOD!!!!

Grilled, Thick Cut, Peppered Bacon

I said this low carb, paleo bacon bites recipe, is perfect for anyone's diabetic diet and could be a solid foundation to anyone's meal plan. This recipe and it's companion "Bacon Cups" are perfect for our low carb paleo 'way of eating'.

Bacon Bites