Bacon Bites

I said this low carb, paleo bacon bites recipe, is perfect for anyone’s diabetic diet and could be a solid foundation to anyone’s meal plan. This recipe and it’s companion “Bacon Cups”  are perfect for our low carb paleo ‘way of eating’.

  • they are low carb, paleo, tasty and versatile
  • simple to make and easily made in bunches for future use


Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites

You may be thinking, “Steve, that’s a bold statement”.  I explain the statement below.


I am making light of this but if you really look at this recipe and “Bacon Cups“, these two recipes can help you tremendously, especially if you are just starting out.


Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites

1) Simple: Yes it requires a little effort, it’s not like throwing eggs and bacon in a pan.  Still it’s simple and FLAVORFUL.

2) VERSATILE: I used greens, cheese and bacon but literally any primal food could be substituted for the greens and cheese. What does NOT go well with bacon???  In a previous version I used guacamole and salsa… it was Xcellent!!!

3) Cook in Batches: Both of the recipes can be made “IN BULK” and refrigerated or frozen.

One of the most common complaints regarding going ‘low carb’ is the issue of organizing meals. Many of my food recipes remove that complaint… as many can be made in bulk and frozen.

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This BACON BITES recipe is very similar to the Bacon Cups recipe.  Problems with the Bacon Cups? They were a two or three bite food. You could not eat them in a single bite.   That’s not a problem for me, but for anyone wanting to serve the Bacon Cups at a dinner party… that could be a major issue. (they are messy)

So I set out to make a single bite version… I found SUCCESS! :)


Bacon Bite Recipe


  • thick cut, peppered bacon.  Any bacon will work but you may have to use more than one piece per ‘bacon bite’.
  • filling – I used spinach and cheese but ANY paleo primal food will do. Anything meats, veggies and cheeses you like to eat with bacon is fair game here. :)


Preparation Steps


Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Thick cut peppered bacon


1) Cut the peppered bacon, leaving approximately 2/3 , 1/3 length pieces.









Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
The bite cups are formed.

2) This picture shows the three stages of creating the ‘bites’

a) Wrap a 2/3 long piece and ‘pinch’ the overlap.

b) Bend the 1/3 long piece in half and insert into the middle.

c) Use a toothpick to hold in place, making sure to pierce the overlaps.




Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Baby Bacon CUPS! (bites)

Here they are coming out of the oven… I broiled on low broil for about 10 mins…. careful not to over cook them.






Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Stuffed with leafy greens!



NOW … ** REMOVE TOOTH PICKS! **, I can see a law suit coming… :)

The next step is to add the ‘filling’.   Here I added spinach, braised in a skillet using bacon ‘juice’ as seasoning… SOOO GOOD!

I started out using a butter knife but ended up using my fingers… so much EASIER and faster too.




Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Topped with Cheese


You can see the utensil I used, a ‘potato peeler’  to shave off cheese for the topping.







Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Broiled one more time.

After adding the cheese, I stuck these under the broiler, on high for just a couple of minutes.


Here is the finished product…. it was so good.






Low Carb, Paleo Bacon Bites
Prepped for Freezing

Here is the finished product… packaged and ready for duty another day.

Perfect for taking to work… or freezing for longer storage. :)





I hope you enjoy the BACON Bites… and their larger siblings Bacon Cups. :)


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