Bacon Butter and Coffee

I have many new visitors to the site… thanks and WELCOME! I attempt to do a variety of things here … one of them is posting food posts, to give people options.   I adhere to a “Very Low Carb Paleo” meal plan which has allowed me to successfully manage diabetes, while being completely drug and insulin free.

  • Fat is your friend
  • Creativity in the kitchen brings many benefits


I was thinking how awesome butter and bacon are… then I thought, why not combine them?  Specifically I was thinking about combining melted butter and rendered bacon fat!


Fats are a major component of my ‘diabetes diet‘. Fats provide us with energy or fuel, while having a negligible effect on blood sugars.  My meal plan in a phrase is, ‘higher fat, moderate protein and very low carb’.

On with the culinary experiment.


Making Bacon Butter

1) COOK BACON!  I only used approximately one thick cut piece (about 2 regular slices) for one cup of ‘Bacon Butter’.  When crispy, cut or chop into smaller ‘bits’.

2) Melt Butter, one stick will work well for the first ‘batch’. You can adjust bacon / butter ratios to fit your tastes.


3) Pour the melted butter into glass or cup.  


4) Add bacon bits and bacon fat!  


5) Add a TBS of Coconut Oil and Stir.  Place in the freezer until hard. 





5) Place cup into a bowl or pot of hot water. This will melt the bacon butter just enough to slide out. I used a knife to coax it out.


6) Look at the product!   I then placed back into the freezer for just a few moments to allow the Bacon Butter to harden again.


7)  Slice and Eat!!!  … I had just a couple of slices … it was all I needed to sate me.


8)  Add to coffee??

My brain began thinking about things to do with these ‘bacon butter’ slices …  and I decided to try adding it to coffee.


It was good!

Bonus? The bites of bacon in the bottom of the cup after drinking the coffee… 



Here is a past article on ‘butter’… I love it.   Much of the news today is about Paula Deen and how ‘butter’ gave her diabetes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not the butter that gave her diabetes … its’ the sugary, high carb, grain based foods she cooks.  Flour is made from glutenous wheat… avoid the grains, avoid the sugars and avoid the hydrogenated veggie oils and you will be well on your way to controlling your blood sugars better.

Oh… and both the American Diabetes Ass. (ADA) and the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators will HATE this ‘concoction”!!!


1) Because it’s truly LOW GLYCEMIC .. not like their sugary, grainy treats.

2) Therefore it does not increase the need for drugs nor ‘diabetic services’ from the Medical Industry.

But I LOVE IT!! :)

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  1. Truthisnotallowed

    What an interesting idea. Since bacon is so expensive for me right now–the real non-adulterated stuff and I do have some organic coconut oil–I will be trying this with tomorrow’s coffee!

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