Grilled, Bacon Wrapped, Chicken Livers…

This post is more of a pictorial view than a recipe.  I know what you are thinking…

So what else is new! :)

When I did my lowER fat experiment  (NOT low fat … lowER fat), in an attempt to reduce fats I re-discovered my grill.

I am so glad I did… I’ve enjoyed grilling beef liver, whole chickens and even BACON!  When grilling bacon… make sure your fire extinguisher is close by and up to date!  :)

Today’s recipe is Grilled, bacon wrapped Chicken Livers.

The grilling adds a nice smokey flavor to the chicken livers… and of course, wrapping them in bacon doesn’t hurt either. ;)

Note: I love chicken livers about any way you want to cook them.  I must say, this is my favorite way of cooking them now.   Braising chicken livers in BACON GREASE on a black cast iron skillet still rocks! :)




Chicken Liver

Toothpicks … ok, you don’t eat them but they are used to secure the bacon to the liver.

Note: Do I need to repeat the ingredients??? :)

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1. Cut the bacon in two pieces.

2. Wrap Bacon around chicken liver and secure with toothpick.

3. Place bacon on the grill and place the bacon wrapped chicken livers on the bacon.

Note:  I placed bacon on the grill because…

A) Livers are low in fat, if they contact the grill, they are likely to stick unless well greased.

B) When the Bacon placed on the grill is done… I eat it while the livers are still cooking. ;)

Another view.



4. Grilled Chicken Livers will take some time to cook thoroughly. These cooked 20-25 minutes but obviously your mileage will vary depending on how hot your grill is.

Too… with Bacon on the grill, you want to keep a close eye on the cooking process to make sure you do not have a grease fire.

I COOK BACON ON LOWEST SETTING… I even adjust the gas flow coming from the tank…. to make sure I have a low flame.

When it’s done… it’s a thing of BEAUTY! :)

And another view… these were so good.


And lastly… a couple on a plate.

I ate these ‘by themselves’ … just chicken livers and bacon.  A good salsa and guacamole would go nicely I bet!



I love the foods I eat … and I love the life I LIVE!

I am thriving… not just surviving.

Here are more truly diabetes friendly recipes, “CLICK HERE“.  These are not high carb, Big Pharma friendly recipes that are pushed by the American Diabetes Association…. these are PEOPLE FRIENDLY!  :)


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