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Growing up… we ate a lot of meat. London Broil was not a ‘cut’ that I can ever remember eating in my youth. In fact it is a cut that I never had (that I recall) until I went ‘low carb paleo’. Since my diabetes diagnosis I have become much […]

London Broil & Squash

Set Up This is my mom’s chicken stew recipe … kind of. By simply substituting Coconut Flour (for Wheat Flour) and Heavy Cream (for milk) … I was able to turn a long time FAMILY favorite into a tasty primal dish. I have fond memories of Fall Chicken Stews ….. […]

Mom’s Chicken Stew is now primal. :)

A proper diabetes diet is truly the key to managing diabetes. Coconut flour is low carb and a nice addition to your diabetes diet.

Coconut Flour Gravy.

… I like to say that I attempt to motivate, educate and entertain.  Part of the ‘entertainment’ is comedy and to be honest… some of my comedy is not funny… to others. :) I do use a fair amount of self deprecating humor… but this post is about a joke […]

Primal Humor

I hope these 30 Day Challenge posts are not too much of  ‘me’. I am doing this primarily for me, to record what I am doing but I’m also giving people who are not on Facebook & Twitter more of an idea of my daily routines & eats. These 30 Day Challenge […]

30 Day Challenge – Day 9