London Broil & Squash

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Growing up… we ate a lot of meat.

London Broil was not a ‘cut’ that I can ever remember eating in my youth. In fact it is a cut that I never had (that I recall) until I went ‘low carb paleo’.

Since my diabetes diagnosis I have become much more acquainted with the Grok Pot (crock pot)… which is perfect for cooking cheaper … less tender cuts of meat.  I decided to try the London Broil several months ago and I am SO glad I did…. it comes out very flavorful and tender.  I now buy 3-4 at a time when they are on sale.

This post also includes another favorite of mine … faux spaghetti “squash strings”, cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Garlic…. wow! This is so good… it really really is…. so let’s get busy! :)

Before we go into the cooking steps… I gotta mention the bacon. I literally threw the bacon in the Grok Pot on top of the roast when I began the cooking. Wow … after hours of cooking in the roast juice … OMG!!! … Next time, I think I’ll add a pound  ….and eat just the bacon!!!


London Broil

Squash – 1 medium summer squash per serving

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 2 TBS per serving

Garlic – 1 small garlic clove per serving

Bacon – 2 to 3 pieces … or a pound. :))



1) Place roast in the Grok Pot …. if cooking over night or all day, heat on ‘low’.  If cooking for 3-4 hours, cook on high.


2) Prepare the Squash – Fifteen to twenty minutes before eating take two medium summer squash (per person) and “string” the outer skin using a mandolin slicer.   Here is a post I did on the slicer and my “faux spaghetti” recipe/food post.

Note: I ‘string’ down to the pulp.  Below is a picture of how the squash strings look in the pot.

Once you have ‘strung’ the squash, simply add a couple of TBS of Olive Oil and a small garlic clove per serving. (I use a garlic press)  And stir well to coat the squash with the olive oil and to distribute the garlic. Seriously… I could eat a pot of this by itself. :)

I only ‘cook’ on medium heat for about 5 minutes. I really only warm it up but I like my veggies more raw than cooked, adjust for your own tastes.

3) While the Squash is cooking…. remove the roast… hmmm good!!! Look at that BACON!!!!

This is literally how it looked as I pulled it up from the grok pot. :)


4) Slice … it’s so tender you can slice with a fork (I did! )  and throw on a plate with the BACON and SQUASH!!! ….. and EAT!!!


Note: … this food was soooo tasty. I seasoned well with Texas Pete, Tony Chachere’s and BLACK PEPPER … use your favorite spices or try those as well.

So good…. and so good for you….. AND DIABETIC FRIENDLY!!! :)


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