My Primal Eats & X Today

Just wanted to show you what my primal day was like today, June 1, 2011. Just more evidence of me, thriving with diabetes. Why share these types of posts?

  • Evidence of my thriving with diabetes on a low carb paleo meal plan and lifestyle.
  • Ultimately I want to motivate you to follow my ‘lead’ and maintain truly normal blood sugars.
  • Provide proof that diabetes does not have to be a debilitating disease.


The internet can be a wonderful source  of information. It can also be a sewer where people are mislead into poorer and poorer health. Luckily I had a great list of honest truth seekers, showing me the way.

thriving with diabetes


I try to be good example of others to follow. It’s why I post so much of what I do on this blog and on social media.  To show YOU… there is a better way!  A better way to eat, play and to LIVE!  I love this picture.


X stands for eXercise

About 10 o’clock this morning I decided to try for a All Time Personal Record for Jumping Jacks in 15 minutes. My previous high had been  942 in 15 minutes.

To help me set a new record I decided to change tactics… typically I would just attempt to go ‘all out’ and hope to set new records…. this has worked often in the past but not always.

This time I changed tactics… I decided to attempt three, 5 minute sets with goals of 333 for each 5 minute set … and do one extra on the last set for 1,000. :)

While I did want to do 1,000 and I really did try … my intermediate goal (as it is most days) is to achieve a new personal record.


Below are the results…


thriving with diabetes


A New Personal Record

Yes, I achieved a new personal record!! Woot!



My goals were 333 for each 5 minute ‘set’. The first set of scribbling shows that I actually completed the first two ‘goals’ of 333 before 5 mintutes were up.

The first set was completed in 4:45 with the 2nd set completed in 4:55.

The 3rd and final set, time ran out with ‘only’ 316 Jumping Jacks completed for a total of …. 982.

It is difficult to write when you have no oxygen, lol.


Additional Exercises – I completed 30 minutes of Intense Cardio later in the afternoon…. doing Burpees and jump squats etc.

As soon as I finish this post… I’m heading over to the high school to run sprints.


Primal Fuel

Here are pics of some of my foods and the nutrient mix charts. :)

(5) Eggs and 1.35 oz of FAT BACK! :)
Sardines … fat back and butter… with eggs… Nom MOM! :)

This is low protein, I usually try to be in the 90-135 gram range, but one day of lower protein means nothing. I’ve fasted for days… and felt fine.

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