Blackened … ____ (fill in the blank with meat)

The title is meant to imply that this rub would go well on anything … but Truth be told I have NOT tried this ‘rub’ with everything … I have tried it with chicken, beef steaks and fish… and I LOVE IT.

Like 99% of my foods … it’s so simple a caveman can do it. :))

First let me thank Chancey Bruce for reminding me of blackened foods, Chancey is a DIABETES WARRIOR himself and here is his story.

I don’t know why but somehow I’ve gotten away from blackened foods since my diabetes diagnosis… I  really can’t explain why…  Chancey posted a blackened food pic today… and it HIT me… I had not done any blackened cooking in FOREVAH!   sooo… thank you CHANCEY!
All the ingredients are low carb, primal and paleo … so no worries there…. I can’t explain my lack of blackened food posts….  but I set out immediately to remedy the oversight. :)



1)  Make the “Blackened Seasoning Rub” and sprinkle half onto a plate.  (Keep the other half in case you need to coat the chicken once it’s in the skillet)

Feel free to mix and match your favorite seasonings… these are mine.

2 TBS of  Black Pepper

2 TBS of Red Pepper

2 TBS of Cumin

2 TBS of Paprika

2 TBS of Tony Chechere’s Cajun Spice

2 TBS of Parsley

Optional: Tarragon, Cinlantro, Basil and Oregano.


2) Pour oil of your choice onto a plate. I’d recommend coconut oil, this is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the taste was … pretty strong.  I really liked it… but for most it may be a little over powering.

Also at this time, I cook the cauliflower in olive oil in a separate skillet on medium high heat.  I season with a little Tony Chachere’s Cajun Spice.


Pour Olive Oil in a plate. (or coconut oil)


3) Place the skillet for the chicken on the burner (medium heat) and coat the bottom completely in oil (coconut or olive oil), this will prevent the meat from sticking.
4) Cut Chicken into strips, I usually cut a breast into three pieces. Dip onto the oil to coat lightly and then roll on the plate with the Blackened Spice Rub.   Once rolled, place on a separate plate until all pieces are coated.

5) Place in the heated skillet.   Note: I became highly irritated. My new phone has decided my kitchen is too dark to take pictures without a flash… the flash created problems.  These were the only two pictures of the chicken in the skillet that came out ok. :(   I need to learn to disable the flash.

Here they are after turning … beautiful aren’t they?

6) Cook for approximately 5 minutes on each side.  I err on under cooking meats so adjust based on your preferences and stove temperature.

I didn’t take a picture of it but the cauliflower is really tasty if you drizzle the oil in the pan onto the cauliflower… NOMAGE!!! :)


Just another example of TRULY diabetic friendly foods… a true diabetes diet has low carbohydrate foods.

If I can do it… YOU CAN TO!!!