Rekindling Burpee Love

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I don’t know why but when it gets warm … I want to do burpees or specifically, ‘jump burpees” !!!

My best time ever for 100 burpees is 8:25 … I am going to slowly work back into doing burpees and try to beat my previous record.  It will take some time…


If you are asking yourself … “What the heck is a burpee?”  here’s a video of me doing a couple of burpees… on a public sidewalk. :)

My son Brad, Ollie and I had a table ‘on the street’ at a restaurant in downtown Wilmington.  :)

Here’s the link if the video does not load properly. 


What is a Burpee??

If you have not heard of Burpees, check out this Wikipedia artcle, “Burpee“.  In summary, a burpee is nothing more than a squat, pushup and jump … all rolled into one.

Here is a link to my favorite online version if you need a more visual explanation… VERY COOL. (Burpee Demo)

In this New York Times Article, “What’s the Best Exercise” …

“Trying to choose” a single best exercise is “like trying to condense the entire field” of exercise science, said Martin Gibala, the chairman of the department of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

But when pressed, he suggested one of the foundations of old-fashioned calisthenics: the burpee, in which you drop to the ground, kick your feet out behind you, pull your feet back in and leap up as high as you can. “It builds muscles. It builds endurance.”

Burpees are widely considered to be a GREAT ‘all around’ exercise.  If not THE best… certainly one of them.


Here are two of my vids.

This is a humorous video …. of me doing burpees in the snow…. :)

This next video shows me doing 100 Burpees in about 8 1/2 minutes.

Burpess may NOT be your thing… if not… find something and get busy!!!

For videos of PRIMAL exercise… for EVERY fitness level…even the beginner … (click here)


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3 thoughts on “Rekindling Burpee Love”

  1. Very cool!

    For those not familiar with Burpees do be careful to not kneel down too deeply when bending to the ground. In school gym class we were taught to do Burpees incorrectly. We we told to touch the back of our calf to the back of our thigh when bending to the ground. This caused a lot of kids in the class problems and I ended up with a partially torn tendon or ligament in my knee. Took a long time to heal in the days before Arthroscopic surgery was available.

    So exercise right! Get strong!!! And avoid injury!

  2. Steve Parker, M.D.

    Man, that does like like a great exercise! I had forgotten about them. They’ve never been a part of my routine. I’m impressed with what a work-out you get just jumping against gravity.

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