Clean your plate?

Which plate is mine? ... ok, these are bowls but work with me. :)

The world …and all the people are divided into two groups….

Those that literally clean their plates and those that do not.

Do YOU ALWAYS clean your plate? Growing up … I heard over and over about all those stories of “starving children in China” … it instilled in me the importance of not wasting food. To this day I am unable to leave food on my plate. No matter what… I MUST ‘clean my plate’.

My wife is the opposite, she on the other hand has NEVER ‘cleaned her plate’.  That may be an exaggeration but I SWEAR … I can not recall EVER seeing her clean her plate.  If she starts out with a full plate or a 1/2 full plate… she will ALWAYS leave a bite or two.

If you doubt what I say about my eating habits … check out this post on the ‘Paleo” way to eat chicken wings.  I’ve eaten this way (cleaning the bones) all my life. Yes… not only do I clean my plate but I clean the bones too. :)

Which set of Chicken Wing bones resemble yours? The top or bottom set? Mine are the bottom, cleaned bones.



Up until now, the discussion has been about literally cleaning plates … now let’s switch gears to talk about the phrase metaphorically.

In my youth I was one who always ‘cleaned my plate’ … in life. I squeezed the most out of almost every day… most youth back then did so.  As I grew older, for various reasons… I changed. I began to live in a ‘rut’, running the rat race  … I was really just surviving, there was NOT a lot of thriving.

In a REAL sense I was “leaving food on my plate” … LIFE was being left on my plate.

Many of my posts discuss the health and physical changes encountered on this “primal journey”.  Here are three posts that are representative….  “Ailments“, “Drugs” and a recent post regarding “Thriving“.

I’m hoping that I will cause you to re-examine your own life and consider going “low carb primal” and start THRIVING … and not ‘just’ surviving.  I am so glad I did. :)

Each day try to ‘clean your plate’…. leaving NO leftovers.   It’s ok… as long as you eat ‘low carb primal’ … it will be very healthy to do so. :)


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