Paleo Way to eat Chicken Wings

To be fully primal or fully paleo … you must learn to do things “the right way“.   As only we who are “fully” primal or paleo truly know … there is only one way to eat and only one way to live.

Deviating from this  narrow paleolithic path leads many to old habits which can lead to sickness and disease. No one wants that…right?

If you are fully primal (as I am) then you know the importance of remaining so. No one who truly knows the Primal Truth would ever want to slide back into the sickly, weak and unhealthy state we were in….and we don’t want this for others. Therefore standards need to be enforced to guide and instruct others.

This post has two purposes:

1)      To instruct others as to THE proper way to eat chicken wings primally… an important subject on it’s own merits.

2)      To provide a litmus test to determine if someone is truly primal…

If you know someone who “claims” to be primal and you want to know if they are TRULY primal … invite them over to eat chicken wings. You can determine much about a person by seeing them eat chicken wings… and more importantly… what they leave behind.

To see the only way to truly make primal chicken wings… click here.

Exhibit A

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At first glance … this looks like a plate of chicken wing bones and it is, BUT this plate of bones has more significance. The bones are segregated and for a reason.  Like all bones they tell a  far greater story…. let’s move on to the next picture.

Exhibit B

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Look at the picture above. Do you believe these bones would be representative of the bones you’d find at a paleolithic camp site?  HELL NO!  Paleolithic “man” would not leave the fatty skin and meat on those bones.

These bones were gnawed down the middle like someone eating a corn cob. And let’s be honest… if someone did eat corn, the healthier option would be to eat as little as possible. :)

Exhibit C

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Look at the bones ABOVE! … those look like they came direct from Grok’s camp site!!!  Notice the ends of the bones… there is nutritious cartilage and sinew as well as bone marrow in the ends. Grok would definitely not leave those uneaten.

You see, Grok did not have a grocery store on every corner with debit or credit cards. He had to hunt or gather his food… tomorrow’s dinner plate may only consist of nuts and berries … or nothing at all.  When animals were killed, you can bet nothing edible would be left uneaten. Like many during the Great Depression the motto was “waste not want not”.

Do you see my point? How can someone who leaves the bones in Exhibit B claim to be primal?

I can’t write a post without a backhanded slap of the American Diabetes Association… the base of their meal plan contains NOTHING but insulin and drug inducing “foods”, I use the term “food” loosely here. :)

* This is a tongue in cheek post.  This is meant to be humorous. I must mention this because my last humorous post was thought to be a serious post by some, it’s here. :)

** Tragically ( I jest) the original post was somehow removed from my blog (vanished without a trace) so this is my attempt to re-create the original. If by chance… or design you happen to have a copy of my original post, I’d greatly appreciate a copy.

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