Bone Broth Delicious and Nutritious

Bone broth is diabetes friendly.  I eat it once a month or more. Bone Broth is a great addition to any diabetic food list.:)

  • Making Bone Broth soup is so simple a caveman can make it. :)
  • Bone broth is low carb, fatty and is needed for optimum health.


I finally decided to make BONE BROTH SOUP several weeks ago using a Pork Shoulder bone and also leftover chicken bones…. it was VERY good.  So good, that I decided to make it again this week using the remnants of a roasted Turkey.

I added all leftover Turkey parts/pieces, including all the bones, fat etc. I simply took the roasting pan the Turkey was cooked in, and scraped all the contents into the large pot.  Below are the steps  used to prepare this batch … it was AWESOME!!!

Bone Broth Recipe

I never really felt the need to make “Bone Soup” until Ann Duncan kept mentioning how good it was and how good for you it was.  So I finally began to make my own…so glad I did! YOU CAN CLICK HERE to read Ann Duncan’s website. She has more info and her full recipe.

Bone Broth is a ‘must have’ on any meal plan, but bone broth is especially great for diabetes. It’s permanently on my low carb paleo diabetic diet.



Slap Ya Mama – “to taste”  … there are so many variables including the amount of water added, the amount of spices used in cooking the turkey etc…. best to just say “to taste”.    Keep in mind, I use Slap Ya Mama, Texas Pete, Paprika and Black Pepper … heavily when I cook my turkey….so your mileage may vary as they say. :)

Paprika – to taste, I start with a tbsp.

Black Pepper – to taste, I start with a tbsp.

Red Pepper – to taste, I start with a tbsp.

Garlic – one large elephant ear garlic … I’m guessing this would be four or five “standard” garlic cloves…. *Warning* – I love garlic…

Apple Cider Vinegar – most recipes I’ve seen call for 2 Tbsp, I used 4 … cause I LOVE vinegar.  Even with using four, I could not taste it.

** Most recipes call for adding vegetables as optional add ons… I chose not to do so. I personally love the deep rich flavor of … “bones and bone marrow”.


Steps to Bone Broth Bliss

1.  Place ALL leftover Turkey parts and pieces into a large pot.

2. Cover with water and add the Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and all the spices.

3. I turned burner on Medium and cooked it for about 8 hours, checking it every 20-30 minutes. At this point, I tasted it and made spice adjustments and…

4. Removed the bones and once cooled, I split open the bones to make it easier for the bone marrow nutrients to be absorbed by the soup.

** There are many ways to “split” the bones. I used a large knife and the handle of my knife sharpener to force the blade through the bones. A hammer would be perfect too but not required. :)    After splitting the bones, I took a spoon and pried marrow out of the larger bones.

Once all the bones have been “opened up”, I add them back into the pot.


Bone broth is diabetes friendly
This is definitely low carb paleo. :) 


5.  If you started the process in the morning, you should be ready to allow the bones to cook over night.  Make sure the bones are covered in water and reduce the heat to low (just below boiling).   Cook  for another 8 – 12  hours.

6)  At this point you can do as most suggest… strain the mixture.. This removes bone but also fat and meat… so I do NOT strain.



7) I do use a large sieved spoon to pick out the larger bone fragments by hand.

I am careful when pouring to keep an eye out for bone fragments, but I pour “off the top”…  If you are concerned about bone fragments in your soup… then by all means STRAIN your mixture. :)

Here is my picture below…. note all the “bits” …that’s meat and fat… hmmmm :))


Bone broth is diabetes friendly

Much like bacon… I’ve never made enough Bone Broth soup to have leftovers past 24 hours.  :))

It’s a great “base” for soups obviously but I also like to make it my “base” when making my LOW CARB PRIMAL CHILI :)

BELOW is a picture of the Bone Broth as a base for Egg Drop Soup.  ALL I DID? … I added beaten eggs to a pot of the bone broth, while it was boiling vigorously. I spooned in the beaten eggs a spoonful at a time…. Indescribably good!!!

Special THANKS to Karen Gale who recommended bone broth soup! She’s always bragging about it. :)


Bone broth is diabetes friendly
Bone broth is diabetes friendly


*** UNTIL You make your own “BONE BROTH SOUP” , ou will never know how good it truly is. It’s practically ZERO CARB depending on vegetables and or spices used…. so you know bone broth is diabetes friendly!




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