Bone Broth II – includes Egg Drop Soup

I wrote a food post “Bone Broth Soup” … frankly, it has turned off some people because I show pictures of chopped up bones.   RELAX!  … no bone chopping in this post. :)

  • Bone Broth is nutritious and is required for optimum health.
  • Bone Broth Soup is diabetes friendly and low carb paleo.


Bone broth is very versatile, you can eat it ‘by itself’  with salt and pepper or you can eat it with vegetables.  Bone broth makes an excellent ‘base’ for other soups and chili.

bone broth is diabetes friendly
Bone Broth Egg Drop Soup


This post will show a simplified version,the soup is still VERY tasty but not quite as rich as the ‘full’ version. The only difference, I don’t break open the chicken bones to extract the marrow. :)


Diabetes Friendly Bone Broth

1)  I cooked a Chicken in a GROK pot (crock pot) for 4-5 hours on high. You can cook it all day while at work or all night while you sleep…. but use the low setting.

2) Debone the chicken … don’t worry about leaving some meat on the bones … it will make the soup even better. :)

Note: MAKE sure to add the skin back into the grok pot as well… the fat really adds to the flavor.

3) Add the Bones back to the Grok Pot with the chicken broth and add water as needed to cover the bones. The picture below shows the bones… still fully intact. :)

Note: Add 2-4 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar … it’s reported vinegar helps ‘draw out’ the nutrients from the bones and is overall a healthy addition.


bone broth is diabetes friendly
Low carb paleo for sure


4)  Cook the bones in the broth … most ‘experts’ suggest cooking the bones for 12 – 24 hrs.

Including the time cooking the chicken, this bone broth cooked for about 22 hours … it was AWESOME!

5) I use a coffee cup to scoop out bone broth after stirring. I like doing it after stirring… because the broth is filled with the fat and meat that has settled on the bottom.

Add the bone broth to a pot, I use 3 cups of bone broth (per person) and BRING TO A ROLLING BROIL on medium high.

6) While the broth is coming to a boil, beat two eggs (per person) and add slowly to the boiling  broth.


bone broth is diabetes friendly

7) If the eggs stop the boiling process, just wait a few seconds and it will begin boiling again.  After emptying the eggs into the pot turn off the burner. Grab a bowl and ENJOY!!! :)


Once again… the final product… from a different vantage point.  :)


bone broth is diabetes friendly


Once you make the broth … you can refrigerate and or freeze it.   After you have the broth… making Egg Drop Soup with Bone Broth is SUPER QUICK AND EASY!!!  And even better, the bone broth is diabetes friendly. :)

If you can boil water… you can make the broth and the soup. :)


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