Pics of Thriving with Diabetes

I have a post maintaining a summary of my Blood Sugar, Exercise and Commentary while attempting a seven day Coconut Oil Fast, you can view it here. “7 Day Fast“.

That post is getting kind of long …and I am ONLY ON day 2.   I wanted to do a special ‘show and tell” so I created this separate post.  :)


Blood Sugar

Yesterday started out with 93 at 8 AM… my next three readings about 4 hours apart were 93, 85 and 81.  Normally my Overnight fasting Blood Sugar is in the 70’s-80’s but I had a big time over the weekend. :) You can read about most of it on this post, “Wrightsville Beach ’11“.

Today’s first three blood sugar readings for today are below… starting at 8 AM, noon and then at 5 PM.


My Blood Sugar Readings are inching lower... but seem to be stabilizing.

Note: My lowest Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar reading ever is 73 and that was while eating my standard low carb meal plan. However, I am reading four times a day to make sure I do not ‘go low’. :)



I test for Kentones… once or twice a year… not very often.  Normally when I test I have a trace or small ketone levels.

Why do I test only a couple of times a year? …because I don’t care. I am a type 2 diabetic and KETONES are why we do NOT need to eat carbs to LIVE!!! … nor to THRIVE!!! :)   I love having ketones in my blood stream.

If you are a Type 1 Diabetic you must be aware of your ketone levels and adjust insulin ratios accordingly.  (so I have been told)

As you can see … today I had small to moderate levels but then again… I have eaten and drank only coffee, water and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for about 48 hours. :)
For More info on Ketosis… read this post.


Lastly I want to brag about… I mean talk about my exercise today. :)

I began by doing 200 jumping jacks about 7 AM, then for lunch I did about 60 Sit Ups and 10 Jump Burpees …. but I felt a little light headed so I quit. (safety first)

Around 2 PM I did  75 “Palms on the Floor”  Air Squats … and then tonight I just finished up doing more air squats and ‘Mary Katherines” or Jump Lunges.

In tonight’s session I exceeded my goal of obtaining 80% of my Maximum Heart Rate.  Evidence below. :)

% Of Maximum Heart Rate is the small number to the right.

Anyway … I did ALL this on nothing but Coffee, Water and Coconut Oil for the last 48 hrs.  Coconut Oil is almost all Saturated Fat … so as you can see… I THRIVE on Saturated Fat.

Tell the American Diabetes Association, which pushes a high carb LOW FAT meal plan … to kiss your blood glucose monitor!!!

…… I did!

Diabetic or NOT… go Low Carb PRIMAL …. and START THRIVING!!!!!


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play

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