Diabetes … Medicine Cabinet?

I am on the mailing list for the American Diabetes Association … why?

For all the great information and helpful articles? …. BA HAHAHAHA!

No…  I am on their mailing list BECAUSE of the old adage…

Keep your friends close … and your enemies closer. :)

By the way… I do NOT recommend EVER visiting the ADA’s website NOR signing up for their email list unless you are a STRONG willed person.  The three purposes I can see for their website and email list??? Selling grains, pushing drugs and BEGGING FOR MONEY! Make Big Pharma pony up more money…. They sure did in ’08 (click here to see) ….
Below is the latest email from the American Diabetes Association … ugh!


The first paragraph is a ‘bunch of hogwash’ … I’ll save you from having to read it. In a nutshell, a “Certified Diabetes Educator” (CDE) needed some Pepto-Bismol tablets and realized that she had not taken any in about 2 years (because they expired in ’09) and she conveniently uses this as an excuse for pushing more drugs… well she is a CDE, that’s what they do. Here’s a post where the CDE actually bragged about pushing drugs on his mission statement.  Pushing drugs takes a backseat to diabetes care … :(

Now… for the MEAT of the post. :)

“I will list products that should be included with some name brands as well.”

The nurse who happens to be a “Certified Diabetes Educator” lists 5 product categories that each Diabetic should have. Before we move forward I want to say, I had many of these drugs and more but for the last TWO years I have been DRUG and INSULIN FREE… not just diabetic drugs, ALL DRUGS.

Here is the post showing my ailments pre-Diabetes diagnosis “Ailments Then and Now“and here is the drugs I took … but take no more, “Labels of Drugs“.

“I will list products that should be included {in your medicine cabinets} with some name brands as well.”


1- Eye Drops ….Lutein has been shown to support eye health and possible improved night vision.

This is ridiculous … even as a diabetic pre and post diagnosis I have NEVER had eye drops. But then again… I’ve had normal blood sugar for about two years now.

I’ve said it before, will say it again…  Control BLOOD SUGAR and ALL DIABETIC complications VANISH, unless the previous damage was too great.  You can’t do that eating the “ADA way” of “carb up and shoot up”.  For sure, the ONLY way to prevent diabetic complications is through normal blood sugar.

2- Pepto-Bismol or similar product for gastric upset and gas.

Consider a fiber supplement like Genesis Today, a dietary fiber supplement to help keep you regular….

I never used this but I know I could have PRE-LOW CARB PRIMAL … but ever since .. my gut and bowels have been extremely healthy. NO ISSUES.

As for fiber… that is SUCH A JOKE!!!!! This alone shows her ignorance.  My GOD… if you ate all the grain in the ADA meal plan… your feces should be a fibrous block! … that’s why you need a laxative.  I do NOT eat grains nor legumes (beans) and I have NO issues with my gut, my intestines … NOTHING. :)

3- Multi-vitamin –

This is the ONLY recommendation that I partially agree with.   I do take a multi vitamin … not because I need it… but for insurance. I mainly eat meat and eggs with some vegetables and since my meats are rarely “grass fed”, I take a multi vitamin but I also take Omega 3 pills and Vitamin D3 (8k) daily.

4- Cough and cold remedies – Cepacol, Diabetic Tussin Mucus

I would NOT recommend buying these … until and unless you need it.   I have NOT been sick in over 2 years so if you eat and exercise like I do … and take the vitamins I take, you should RARELY if EVER need these drugs.  If I feel a scratchy throat or a runny nose coming, I double up on my Vitamin D3 … all symptoms dissappear in a day or two.

5- Aspirin-unless you are allergic this can help with fever or pain. Consider Tylenol or Ibuprofen to complete your product line.

Ditto … I’ve not had a pain killer in 2 years. Along the way, I’ve had a broken finger and several bumps and scrapes … but never needed a pain reliever.


In Summary

I credit my lack of drug use (and lack of sickness) to following a low inflammation, low carb primal meal plan…  I suggest YOU do it to… then you can empty your medicine cabinet like I did.


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:


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