If I was a Certified Diabetes Educator

The focus on the medical industry is a ‘drug first’ philosophy that treats symptoms instead of disease. The subject  of  this post illustrates the point… perfectly.

  • ‘drug first’ diabetes protocols harm millions
  • the medical industry must change it’s focus to … treating root causes of disease and illness


What? If  YOU were a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and you were featured on the national website for diabetes educators… what would your defining statement be? Think about it for a minute.


Mine would be something like, “improving the health and wellness of diabetics by helping them maintain proper blood glucose control, while reducing drugs and insulin requirements”. I thought of that mission statement in about 5 seconds…. that’s what I try to do EVERY SINGLE DAY….


Certified Diabetes Educator’s Mission Statement

Now let’s look at the mission statement of Chris Lopez, the man in the picture above, a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Chris was featured on the “home of the CDEs”,  the website for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).


“Ensuring the safe and effective use of diabetes medications and devices for 20 yrs.”


IF YOU were a ‘diabetes educator’ … and your picture was going to be on the home page of the AADE , and you had one chance to show the world what ‘you’ were about …. what would you write?

Here’s mine again for comparison.


improving the health and wellness of diabetics by helping them maintain proper blood glucose control, while reducing drugs and insulin requirements”


Notice the difference? One is drug-use focused and the other is patient or person focused. 


I don’t know of Chris Lopez but apparently,  for 20 years he’s been ensuring the safe and effective use of diabetes drugs…. he’s a shill for Big Pharma.  He’s obviously very proud of his achievement.

How many diabetics have suffered and died from diabetes complications under his care … while he promoted the Big Pharma friendly “Drug-First” diabetes treatment protocol? How many diabetics have suffered from organs failures, lost eyesight, amputations and  painful neuropathy… while he promoted is ‘treat-the-symptoms’, ‘drug-first’ diabetes protocols?

Most of his patients if not all of them, is the answer.


Harmful Diabetes Protocol

When your focus is on drug and service fees….

When your focus is on promoting high carb foods and drugs …

When your focus is on a  “carb up and shoot up”  diabetes treatment plan…

We know, MANY millions are harmed every day.


Proper Diabetes Protocol

THE primary job of a diabetes educator is to ‘educate’ diabetics on proper control of blood sugar! Period!

Diabetics with truly normal blood sugars can live long, productive and happy lives.

Diabetics treated with a drug-first, high carb diabetes protocol experience misery, pain and suffering.



American Ass of Diabetes Educators

Is it a coincidence that Chris failed to mention ANYTHING about blood sugar control?

Is it a COINCIDENCE that Chris DID MENTION using drugs and devices?

Using drugs and devices also require more of the medical industry services…  appointments and counseling, etc.


Here is the Mission Statement of the AADE from it’s website.

This phrase seems to be more appropriate… at least this phrase has ‘self-management’ as “a key outcome”.

“Successful self-management” is THE key outcome.

As with most things, the devil is in the  details. The AADE and I have far different opinions of ‘successful self-management’.

The AADE, ADA and the medical industry as a whole promotes harmful blood sugar targets. Targets that lead to neuropathy, dementia and heart disease.  If you doubt me, read this post,”My Blood Sugar Targets and Why“. 

The focus of the medical industry is promoting drug use, as evidenced by it’s high carb, drug-first diabetes protocol.

Diabetics will continue to suffer as long as the Medical Industry cares more about drug and medical services revenue… instead of the lives of diabetics. Big Pharma gave the ADA $31 million in 2012… are you supremely naive to believe the money does not influence diabetes  care?


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7 thoughts on “If I was a Certified Diabetes Educator”

  1. I was asked to leave a Christian diabetes group for my posts on low-carb and good carbs (berries) vs. bad carbs (flour, sugar). I was told I was going to kill someone, and that there was no way I could NOT be on meds. I left. Quietly. I won’t name names, but she wrote a book called “The Sweet Life” about how she eats and eats…
    My after meal reading tonight was 81.
    I had a primal deer meat/bacon chili. About 2 cups of it. With wine. The I ran outside, in heavy boots, in the snow and cold with the dogs.
    81, folks. No meds.
    Going on 5 years.

    1. Good for you! ADA will now completely have a handle on all that gets taught and it will be their way or the highway. Sad.

  2. Successful diabetes management is normal blood sugar with no disease progression. What other determinant of sucess is there?
    I think the ADA is pleased with good blood sugar control with meds, first one med, then two meds, then three meds, then insulin! If that’s was good control is, forget it.

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