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Organ meats including beef heart, are some of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet.  It would behoove us (pun intended) to eat more organ meats. When possible buy 100% grass fed beef, it’s  better for you, the animal and the planet.

  • beef heart is diabetes friendly and nutrient dense
  • often cheaper than ground beef
  • beef heart is delicious


I finally found a 100% grass fed beef rancher close to home. On the day I paid them a visit, they were limited in their meat selection. I purchased some ground beef, flat steaks … and  BEEF HEART!

I had been wanting to try Grass Fed BEEF HEART for quite some time…. so when I found out the price was $2 per pound … I jumped on it! I am so glad I did and I think you will too!


Beef Heart Nutrition


bh nut2


Here is the nutritional content of beef heart. As you can see Beef Heart is relatively low in fat and high in protein.  (with -0- carbs)

Take a look at the Vitamin C … with 4 servings I had a respectable 16% of ‘supposed’ vitamin C requirements. Too, with four servings I have all of my Iron requirements covered.

Many people are not aware of the vitamins in ‘organ meats’ with Beef Liver having the most vitamins. In this post I discuss, “Beef Liver: A Nutritional Powerhouse“!

In addition to vitamin C, 4 oz of Beef heart also has significant amounts of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6 and B12.


Beef Heart Minerals

Remember the numbers below are for ONLY 4 0z. It’s full of minerals… this is not just a high protein food.

bh nut3


We now know it is nutritious … but how did taste?   FABULOUS!!! :)

I had fried it in a skillet it in the past and it was good … BUT grilling was so much BETTER!!!

Beef Heart Pictures


This beef heart weighed approximately 3 pounds.



I prefer to grill beef heart but you can also cube it and grill it as kabobs or fry it in the skill it.



I ate a plate full of meat ‘naked’ … no flavoring of any kind and it was delicious.   On my next plate I added some spices and it too was good.

I urge you to enjoy the various flavors, textures and nutrients of a variety of meats … it’s my opinion that it will only strengthen your ability to stay ‘paleo’ and it will help you eat a wide variety of nutrients as well.

Beef heart is nutritious, delicious and diabetes friendly.

I thoroughly enjoy the way I eat, the way I exercise… indeed the WAY I LIVE!!!


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Start THRIVING!!! … not just surviving. :)


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