Diabetes Trip to the Mountains

My Trip to South Mountain State Park in North Carolina.

* Note:  Pictures of our trip are below… following a brief discussion. :)
Why did I title this post as such?  Why not call it a “Trip to the Mountains”?

… to make a point.

I went to the mountains as a person with normal blood sugar. For all practical purposes… I’m NOT diabetic. NO I am NOT cured.   I just choose to lead a lifestyle that successfully self-treats my  Diabetes.

How do I do this??? .. primarily by not eating foods that require me to take drugs and insulin.  I exercise almost daily as well and there are other tweaks along the way.  You can read about my meal plan here and my exercises here. I want to stress…  the paleo/primal MEAL PLAN  AND the EXERCISE PLAN ARE GREAT FOR ALL… not just diabetics.


I left the house about 10:30 AM, I was intermittent fasting and I did not eat until lunch time, about noon.

My day trip to the mountains was much like any other ‘normal’ person’s trip to the mountains.  I ate good, healthy foods  (bacon and cheese)  and stayed hydrated by drinking water.  NOT once did I check my blood sugar, not ONCE did I get tired, dizzy or feel numbness. I did get winded a couple of times… but I have a tendency to push myself. :)

For me … this was NOT a ‘diabetes trip’ to the mountains…. this was just a trip to the mountains.

As I like to say, “I am lucky that my diet and exercise had a positive affect on my diabetes” …  EVERY SINGLE PERSON who tries a “Primal Lifestyle” reduces drugs and insulin… EVERY ONE.

Not All wean off drugs and insulin requirements completely.   I am a type 2 Diabetic… sadly, Type One Diabetics will require insulin injections until a cure is found.   BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE… ALL People…and ALL Diabetics benefit from a paleo / primal lifestyle… ALL.

By the way, this trip included several PRIMAL LAWS….

1) Intense Exercise (very steep trails which I periodically ran up)

2) Moving Slow  (walking down the mountain… slowly)

3) Play – enjoyed sneaking “off trail” to take many of these pictures…risking my life for YOU! :))

** This mountain and water falls are only 90 minutes from my home… yet I’ve been here only a couple of times in 10 years.  I’m sure there are scenic trails or sites near you as well… GO EXPLORE.

Take hikes or walking trails… GET OUTSIDE and HAVE FUN!!!

OK… Preaching is OVER… Now for the PICTURES!! … this is truly a beautiful place… I hope the pictures portray this fact. :)

**CLICK THE PICTURES TO enlarge and see more detail.

These pictures are in chronological order.

On the way up the mountain you see rolling hills and occasionally … my favorite FOODS!  … and they are being ‘grown’ as they should be… in the PASTURE!

Beautiful Site… Food as it should be “grown”.

I took MANY Pictures  these are only a few. I will post the rest on my Facebook Account.

The picture below is near the base of the mountain where the waterfall is located…. there were MANY scenes and pictures similar to this that I did not publish.

… there is something about mountain streams that are just so hypnotizing to me….  AWESOME!!! :)

We are now seeing evidence of the increased altitude of the hike…. more and more smaller waterfalls. These rocks are two to four feet wide and more.

The picture below was a view across the valley. You may not be able to see it but that’s almost all ROCK on the other side above the base of the trees.

Ok… ONLY one picture of me… I just wanted you to see that I did go “off trail”  to take some pictures. This was in a forbidden area… I know… I have trouble following directions. :)

The indention to the left, is about 3-4 feet deep…. how many years did it take to create?  And what did the surrounding landscape look like when it was formed?   These are things I think about. :)

The picture below was my favorite… off in the distance you can see the LARGE waterfall.  Due to angles, we were unable to obtain a picture of the entire (main) water fall. You can see the entire main waterfall as you get close…. you can almost touch it but by then you are too close to get the entire fall into the picture… it is breathtaking . :)

This picture is from above the water fall….. I took this “off trail” with the camera held as low as I could …

I am leaving out many pictures but please visit my facebook page HERE , I’ll have them uploaded later tonight. :)

Hope you enjoyed them.

Take Away Point???

The key to living a longer MORE FULFILLING life is to LIVE PRIMALLY … I know it has worked for me. This is especially true if you are suffering from an inflammatory disease such as diabetes. Do NOT follow the American Diabetes Association meal plan which will only cause you to take more and more drugs and insulin.

Live long and prosper. :)

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Nutritional Chart

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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  1. Beautiful! I would love to hike this trail. Where is it? I am a paleo/diabetic hiker and try to hit the Georgia, North/South Carolina trails as often as possible. Smelt jerky is my favorite trail snack.

    1. Rene… thanks for pointing out… THAT I failed to mention location/park etc!! … I had a brain cramp. :))

      South Mountain State Park – not far from Morganton/Hickory area. Thanks!

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