Beef Liver: Nature’s Vitamin Pill

Beef Liver is nutritious, it is so nutrient dense I call it ‘nature’s vitamin pill’.  It is diabetes friendly but be careful and only eat a few ounces at a time and test your blood sugars. Beef liver can raise blood sugars if you eat too much at once.

  • Beef Liver is a nutritional powerhouse. Details to follow.
  • Beef liver has carbs, so eat a few ounces and test blood sugars to see how it affects you.


I eat beef or pork liver at least once a month.  I only eat a few ounces at a time, one pound will last several days. Why? Beef liver does have carbohydrates and can spike blood sugar if you eat enough.


I love liver fried in a skillet or very slow roasted but my favorite way is grilled.  Doesn’t the liver in the picture above look delicious! The grilling adds a smokey flavor to the meat.


Beef Liver is Nutrient Dense

I hate to see ‘super food ‘ lists that do not include beef liver.  The omission is usually by a ‘highly trained’ nutritionist who should know better. Why does this bother me?

  • Compare, few foods are more nutritious than beef liver… and no plant can come close.
  • Beef Liver is always more nutritious than the plants on the lists.
  • The poster is usually from an anti-meat, vegan or vegetarian proponent.


Typically the person sharing the incorrect information knows beef liver is more nutritious than the plants, truth matters little in nutritional dogma.

Check out this list of nutrients… all of this in about 2-3 ounces of beef liver.

One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  And some ‘nutritionists’ will have Kale, Spinach on a Super Food list and omit Liver… it’s ridiculous.


beef liver is diabetes friendly
Beef Liver is diabetes friendly and nutrient dense


Cooking Beef Liver

Some people don’t like beef liver, I get it.

There are so many ways to prepare, there really is NO excuse for not eating it. 


  • Add about 4 ounces per pound of ground beef in a food processor. No one will be able to tell the difference. :)
  • Grilling beef liver is my personal favorite. The smokey flavor disguises the taste just enough for many people.
  • Very Slow Roasting directly on the rack in the oven, with a drip pan at 180 F for 4 hours.  It makes a ‘jerky’ like texture that makes storing easy in the fridge for several days or FREEZE IT. When I slow roast, I’ll eat a slice a day as a snack. :)
  • Soaking in Milk overnight and frying in bacon (or other animal fats) with onions.


Because beef liver is packed with vitamins and minerals, it’s worth the trouble to add it to your plate at least once a month.  Too, beef liver is diabetes friendly — BUT as noted above, you need to eat a few ounces a few times to see how your blood sugars react to it and adjust accordingly.  I’ve eaten a pound at one time and my blood sugars were well over 100 mg/dl.


Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Liver

I have eaten beef liver many times in my childhood and liked it (not loved it).

Having said all that, it’s commonly known that Grass Fed meats/organs taste better than their Grain fed counterparts and it’s true!

Please do NOT dismiss beef liver if you did not like GRAIN FED beef liver in the past.  Before giving up on it, try GRASS FED to make sure.

I am so glad I gave GRASS Fed beef liver a chance.  Frying the liver in bacon grease, a little Slap Ya Mama, a little Louisiana Hot Sauce and onions was TOTALLY AWESOME! :)

WHY should you give beef liver a try?   Because beef liver is SO GOOD FOR YOU!

Beef liver is low carb paleo and diabetes friendly. When you eat it, just eat a few ounces a day.


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9 thoughts on “Beef Liver: Nature’s Vitamin Pill”

  1. As a child my favorite snack was leftover liver straight from the fridge.

    I love chicken livers fried in lard with onions, fresh diced tomatos and curry spice. Yumm. I have this every week.

  2. My parents claim that liver smells terrible, and they refuse to let me cook it while they are home. As such, I’ve never actually had liver. Do you have any difficulty with the smell of cooking liver?

    1. Actually when I was cooking it, the kitchen smelled great, but I also had bacon in the pan. Mine turned out a bit tough but still pretty tasty, so I have it simmering with a can of Italian style tomatoes and the onions, with a bit of beef stock added.

      Hey Steve just wondering: Do you have coworkers? How do they react if you bring leftovers of organ meats to work? I bet you have no trouble with your lunch being stolen! X-D

  3. Either I’m not cooking them right, or I just don’t like the iron-y taste of chicken livers. Then again it could be that they were from conventional chickens, However.I’ll give the curry & tomatoes a shot next time I bake up multiple chickens! I hate tossing something so nutritious, especially with food prices going up!

    1. Andrea,

      I can eat but do not like grain fed beef liver … I LOVE grass fed, grass finished beef liver.

      If you do not like grain fed chicken livers… perhaps you should try free range chicken livers. I happen to love grain fed chicken livers. :)

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