Easy Primal Omelette’s

…. the rumors you may have heard are true ….

YES, once upon a time … I too was intimidated by the word…Omelette’s!

But alas … NO MAS!

EVEN this can be blamed in part on “Conventional Wisdom”.

Once you learn to eat natural saturated fats (NOT veggie oils and fake butter), making perfect, awesome Omelette’s is truly … so easy a Caveman could do it.

It’s so EASY … it’s so simple …. it’s a piece of cake… so to speak.


1. Chop up (and cook if needed) the ‘fillings’ for your omelette, any and all combinations ‘work’… but choose items you like and then explore. :)   In this instance I used only ham and cheese.

2. Select a frying pan … I use an OLD cast iron skillet.  (I avoid non-stick pans)  and Melt one of the items below on medium heat (amounts will vary, depending on the size of your pan)

a) 1/2 stick of butter

b) 2-3 heaping tablespoons of coconut oil

c) 2-3 heaping tablespoons of rendered bacon fat.

Key: Make sure the ‘fat’ liberally coats the bottom of the pan.  Roll the melted fat around, tilting from side to side… making sure it’s well coated. I did not measure so I’m not sure if it’s 1/16 of an inch or an 1/8 … but you want to have ‘melted fat’ covering the bottom of the pan.

Do NOT fear the fat. :)

3.  Beat your eggs (adding cream if you like, I did not in this case) while the fat is melting. For me, I use 3 eggs per omelettes but your mileage may vary. I prefer to have too much food (I’m still a glutton) so I always make too much… besides you can always refrigerate.

4. Pour eggs onto the hot grease. Pour deliberately… slowly but not too slow.

Note: You can see the coconut oil ‘piling’ up in the corners on the left hand side… I practice what I preach. :)

Click to Enlarge - You can see the coconut oil 'piling' in the left corners.


5) Add your Fillings – Until you get a feel for this, cover only 1/3 of the omelettes to make sure you have enough of the omellete to flip over to cover the fillings.

In my youth I’d always add too many fillings and cover too much of the omelettes… making a proper appearance impossible. :)


Click to Enlarge




6) Flipping over the flap.   IF you used enough fat, this part will be so easy.

After a few minutes, test the edges of the omelette (on the side without the filllings) to see how easy it “comes up”. If it’s freed, it’s firm and the eggs appear to be done ….

…gently slide the flat spatula under the omelette with one hand and with the other, using a spoon to help support it …. flip the flap over the filling side of the omelette’s.



I left this 'open' so you could see. :) (click to enlarge)



7) Sliding onto a plate – IF you used enough fat … this part will be so easy.  Slide the flat spatula under the folded omelette to make sure it’s loosened from the pan and simply lift slightly as you slide the contents onto a plate.

Key: … in case you need another hint… the key is having enough fat in the pan! :)

Do that! …. and everything else is easy!! :)




This food/recipe … like ALL of my recipes are designed to benefit YOU.  They are not designed to benefit Monsanto or Large Drug Companies….



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