[Video] Affects of Carbs on Blood


My friend John Hanson posted a video today and I found it very enlightening … so much so that I wanted to share it permanently in a blog post.

In this video you can clearly see the affects of sugar on the blood stream.


Thanks to John for posting this for us all to see. :)

Next up…another video that I originally found on Dr. Eades blog.

The video (above) reminded me of a video I’d seen some time ago supposedly showing the affects of ‘saturated fats’ on our blood. After digging and searching I finally found the video and my original source. I originally saw this as part of a post by Dr. Eades in a post he did called, “ABC Big Meal Propaganda”  … I urge you to read it… GREAT READ!

If I may summarize his post, it highlights an erroneous and biased report on ABC News … like much of the so called ‘research’ for the last 40 years the ‘news report’ was very misguided.  The report suggests that a meal with less than 90 grams of saturated fats is harmful due to the saturated fats…. TOTALLY ignoring the fact that the meal had 745 grams of CARBOHYDRATES and ignoring the fact that the meal had 258 grams of TOTAL FAT!!!! …. no… let’s blame the 88 grams of saturated fat for the world’s health ills.
Below is the video of the news report … if you want to skip ahead to the 1:15 mark, that’s when they make the claim that the saturated fats cause the blood to become cloudy….. LOL!   But again, I urge you to read the entire post at Dr. Eades blog… “ABC Big Meal Propaganda“.



“This is fat in his blood basically…. ” grrrrrrrr


You can believe whomever you want…. but I am a type 2 diabetic with normal blood sugar and I take -0- drugs and -0- insulin AND I am thriving!!!

Or you can believe the pill pushers who profit from high carb meal plans …. what i call ADA Minion which includes Certified Diabetes Educators, Monsanto, PepsiCo and Big Pharma.

It’s UP to YOU!


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