Hope Warshaw… AADE speaker…haha!

High Carb Hope Warshaw

Has any ADA Minion harmed as many people as Hope Warshaw???   I hope not. She’s an author, a diabetes educator and she does videos on youtube…. her record is there for all to see…. sadly.

She issues terrible advice to diabetics that only accomplish two things….

1) Keeps diabetics on ever increasing amounts of drugs and insulin.

2) Keeps diabetics requiring her books and services.

At last year’s American Association of Diabetes Educator’s meeting I could find NO mention of low carb foods or low carb discussions, talks etc … NOTHING.   This struck me as odd … since that is THE national group for “Certified Diabetes Educators”….

I went digging and found the link to this year’s CDE Annual Convention…. Here.  At the bottom of the page is a link button that says “Plan Your Sessions”.  I clicked on that link and it brought up a page where you can search for topics. So I searched for “Low Carb”…. and I found one this YEAR!!!

Woo HOO!!!  I thought… perhaps conventional wisdom  *IS* changing.  … but then my initial enthusiasm was greatly diminished when I saw what the National CDE’s had done.   They brought in a ‘RINGER’… to talk about carbs.

They brought in Hope Warshaw …. a noted high carb proponent who has been giving poisonous advise to people for many decades.

THIS is the person who will ‘educate’ Certified Diabetes Educators on how to maximize profits by continuing to push grains and sugar…..you know, as part of a balanced diet. The same diet that has been in affect while we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Listen to this exchange between Dr. Bernstein, a TRUE diabetes educator and High Carb Hope Warshaw… watching this makes my stomach turn.



THIS is the ‘lady’ the National Certified Diabetes Educators want to discuss… carb consumption???? Are you serious???

Is this a JOKE??? I’m sure Monsanto, PepsiCo or BigPharma is paying for this…. ugh! If not, they should be…. cause they definitely profit it from the advice.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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7 thoughts on “Hope Warshaw… AADE speaker…haha!”

  1. Adrienne Larocque

    Dr. Bernstein has much more restraint than I do. I would have choked the woman on-camera! Stupid, stupid woman! Stop harming people!

    1. I agree Adrienne… I am working on a follow up post and I need to watch the video in it’s entirety but I can’t… it’s too ridiculous.

      She is harming people… we both know that. I do differ with you slightly ;) … I don’t think she’s stupid. I think she’s willfully ignorant, intellectually lazy or deceitful…. not sure which. Either way… her advice harms MILLIONS daily. :(

  2. I would be very interested in seeing the research she is using in the beginning to justify saying that low carb diets are not sustainable for an individual over a long term. I rather doubt it.

    1. Chris, Thanks for the comment my friend.

      Low carb diets are sustainable … I know of two in particular who have been on them …for decades. Dr. Bernstein (T1) and Art Devany… I know MANY more who have been on them for YEARS including Mark Sisson and Rob Wolf.

      I myself have been on this meal plan for over 18 mos. Not only is it sustainable it is ENABLING. I love it.

      No doubt not everyone will be able to stick to it… but High Carb Hope is either intellectually lazy, willfully ignorant or a liar to say those things. If all the self serving high carb ADA Minion would start promoting it… more lives could be saved.

  3. I think that lady is on drugs… or has had a traumatic head injury…

    I have no idea where she gets her informations, and what she would do if she actually had diabetes… I don’t think she would last very long… diabetes complications would kill here in a couple years!

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