Coconut Oil & Coffee… my Diabetes Experiment

Fasting can help you successfully manage diabetes.  There are different fasts, all work at reducing blood sugars.

  • Water Fasts – consuming nothing but water, black coffee and unsweetened tea.
  • True Fat Fasts – consuming nothing but fats… my preferred fats are coconut oil, and butter or ghee.


This is an introductory post for my current fast. I’m doing a 7 day fast, not an absolute fast but a “Saturated Fat” Fat Fast. My main ‘fuel’ has been coconut oil but I have eaten some ghee (clarified butter) as well.



The main reason I am eating Coconut Oil? For fuel… so my body will not use muscle for energy. In other words, I am attempting to preserve my muscle mass. You can read why I did this and see summary numbers for each day on this post, “7 Day Diabetes Fat Fast

I don’t want to make this post to justify saturated fats, it would run too long.  However you can read this post on why saturated fats are good, “Saturated Fats are Good “.

Saturated Fat Fast

Today is Day 4 of my fast, eating only coconut oil and a little Ghee … below are pictures of my typical “meal”.

The pictures of my favorite coffee mug. I swear…coffee just tastes better in this mug.

Below is the ‘back side’ and I agree with Mr. Jefferson.  Mr. Jefferson must be someone famous… for them to place his quote on this coffee mug. :)


Fat Fasting can help you successfully manage diabetes


If you have never seen Coconut Oil … it truly is the ‘nectar of the gods’.  At room temperature it is solid (see below) but as you can see, in just a moment over a mug of hot coffee it’s beginning to melt.

Coconut Oil is almost ALL saturated fats … it is a GREAT fuel for the body and is very nutritious and satiating. …. a winning combination when following a restrictive diet/fast.


Fat Fasting can help you successfully manage diabetes


In the last picture below, you can see the cup of coffee … with the sheen of coconut oil on the surface… hmmmm good!!!

An added bonus … you don’t need to buy chapstick … your lips are well lubricated. :))

Fat Fasting can help you successfully manage diabetes


This is all I’ve eaten now for 4 full days now … if I become hungry, I eat coconut oil or drink coffee with it. I also drink water frequently and I stay sated most of the time.

Again, you can read why I fasted and see summary numbers for each day on this post, “7 Day Diabetes Fat Fast

** NOTE: for some, coffee may cause your blood sugar to rise.  I have never found that to be the case when eating normally.

My Blood Sugar does rise slightly when I drink coffee with saturated fats.

As with ALL things… your mileage may vary … so test, test, test. :)

The experiment will test this statement, “Fat Fasting can help you successfully manage diabetes.”  I already know it can. :)


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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