Taking a Stand… Do SOMETHING!


Do YOU follow a low carb, primal or paleo style meal plan?

If so, you know the positive affect it can have on your life.

Fact: Everyone I know who has adhered to a paleo / primal lifestyle has reduced drugs…EVERYONE.

Should you doubt me read these posts … PLEASE! My Pre-Diabetes Ailments“, Drugs I Took” and other Paleo Success Stories“.

What you know … the overwhelming majority of people do not.

What can we do to spread the word?




If more and more people began following a lower carb, paleo style meal plan … eventually, decades from now… perhaps the dietary recommendations of “Low Fat, High Carb” will change…. perhaps.

The problem with this scenario?

1) Monsanto, Large Drug  Companies, the Medical Industry and Large Food Companies ALL have a vested  interest in maintaining the status quo.

2) Donations and ‘contributions’ from the groups above prop up many ‘non-profits’ … these non-profits dish out dietary advice that benefits …. their corporate donors.  In ANY other endeavor this would be classified as a ‘CONFLICT of INTEREST’!

My Point: For these non-profit groups to change dietary policy … they will have to rule AGAINST their largest corporate contributors.

Do you REALLY think those heavily monied groups (and their investors) are going to go down without a  fight?


What to do?

Take a stand!

Say, “Enough is enough and I am going to take ACTION!”

The small actions of MANY can and WILL affect CHANGE!


Slap in the Face


The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) promotes a high carb meal plan to DIABETICS… this  results in needless cell and organ damage… causing much pain and suffering.

The AADE has selected Hope Washaw (I call her High Carb Hope) to instruct Diabetes Educators on the role of carbohydrates in diabetes treatment.

This is a FARCE… an OUTRAGE!  ….an avowed HIGH CARB GRAIN proponent is to teach???  This is a slap in the face to all who KNOW that low carb meal plans benefit diabetics.

You can read my posts detailing Hope’s hopeless high carb tendencies. Here, Here, Here and Here.


I feel compelled to take action, to say, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!”

Do you feel that way too?


Action Proposal:

Here is what I propose that EVERYONE do….  let’s send a MESSAGE.

1) Go to this link and sign this petition, “Say No To ‘High Carb’ Hope Warshaw

2) Share the petition.

3) Share this post.

Remember, change will come very slowly unless we TAKE ACTION!!!

Thank you for your support and I hope you will join me in saying…


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