Fat Metabolism Pathways Study

An article was published yesterday and I felt compelled to comment. The title of the post, “Evolutionary Conservation of Fat Metabolism Pathways“. The title was … intriguing. :)

A collaborative effort by investigators at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently revealed just how similarly mammals and insects make critical metabolic adjustments when food availability changes, either due to environmental catastrophe or everyday changes in sleep/wake cycles.

When I read this… my ‘primal radar’ really picked up good vibes. I was liking this article… so far. There is no doubt, as your body’s energy intake changes… so does your body’s metabolism.

Those findings may suggest novel ways to treat metabolic conditions such as obesity and type II diabetes.

This next sentence, even sounded MORE interesting… for a treatment to be ‘novel’ … it would have to involve something other than ‘carb up and shoot’  treatment of eating high carbs and taking more drugs and insulin.

The metabolic system is like a hybrid car. In the daytime we use glucose as high octane fuel, but at night we switch to the battery, which in this case is stored fat,

… my enthusiasm for this article began to wane after this sentence.  The body produces all the glucose it needs thru gluconeogenesis … the body also uses ketones for fuel which is derived through a process called lipolysis.

If the body uses soley glucose during the day… it’s because the person is eating a high carb meal plan… the vast majority of people do…. but this is certainly not required.

“This new study shows how SIK3 promotes lipid storage during daytime feeding hours by blocking fat breakdown programs that normally only function during night-time fasting periods.

Now this article is starting to irritate me … I don’t know, perhaps SIK3 only does work at night …. but I will bet that this works anytime you eat a low carb meal plan and the body switches to burning fats for fuel.  Additionally, Intermittent fasting also helps burn body fat as well…

Too I must admit, as I read this I thought to myself, “Instead of advising a low carbohydrate meal plan and intermittent fasting…  I bet they’ll try to find a drug to affect SIK3. ”

Unraveling SIK3/HDAC4/FOXO regulatory activity puts, as Thomas says, “more pharmacological possibilities on the table” in treating metabolic disease, an opinion echoed by Montminy.

Translation: The research shed light on what causes the body to switch from glucose burning to fat burning… and they are going to use this knowledge for more “pharmacological possibilities” which means… DRUGS!

YOU SEE! … the TRUTH is right there in front of them….  carbohydrate reduction and intermittent fasting helps to burn fat.  Yet,  for some reason they ignore that and come out wanting to create more drugs.

Why is that???  Could it be… those funding this study???

“Currently, we have over 20 million people with type 2 diabetes and close to 60 million with insulin resistance,” says Montminy. “This is a huge problem tied to obesity. Finding a way to curb obesity will essentially require consideration of both environmental and genetic factors.

I agree environmental factors can affect inflammation which affects disease. I also admit that genetics and genetic predisposition can affect disease and illness rates….

… HOWEVER … once again, they left out the single largest contributor to obesity and disease… what YOU consume.

They were SO CLOSE to finding the answer… perhaps they did not want to find it… can’t sell drugs by telling folks to eat meat  and veggies.

The human counterparts of HDAC4 and SIK3 may be mutated in ways that make them work less effectively and enhance our proclivity to become obese.”

MUTATING … are you serious?? Through drugs I bet… :(

But then… the skies opened up and all was made known.

I saw the reason this study was so close to finding the answer…. but could not see it.


Support for the work was provided by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association,

Ahhhh, now I see… the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the NIH are in the pocket of Monsanto and Big Pharma … that’s why more diabetics are not aware of  Low Carb meal plans.

That is why I hate the ADA soooo much.   The ADA does do some good… but it is SO little compared to the harm they cause. Millions of diabetics suffer daily because the ADA will not push a low carb meal plan.

That’s why we MUST teach the monied interest a lesson.

That’s why I need YOU to read this post and sign up for this petition.

Send MONSANTO and BigPharma a message…. we KNOW what’s going on and we will not stand for it any longer.


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