Day 7 Update – Plan of Attack

On May 19th another experiment as well as another challenge was undertaken.

Here is an introduction post about the ‘why’ … “Primal Failures” and this is my “Plan of Attack“.

To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to:

a) Develop 6 pack abs in 21 days.

b) Run a sub 7 minute mile.


I developed a plan of attack and this post will show the ‘score’, after week 1.

Here are my nutrient ratios for the last 7 days…. woo HOO!!! :)



How did I do according to my meal plan?

I nailed it!!!     Fats, Proteins and  Carbs were all solidly as planned.


How did it go according to my exercise plan?

Again… I nailed it!    On alternating days I performed:

– Weight Resistance and Intense  Cardio, two separate sessions

– Two sessions of Intense Cardio


Note: I did perform according to plan in week one … HOWEVER there is no guarantee the plan will accomplish my goals.

Goal Update

1)  6 Pack Abs – some apparent reduction of body fat … but very slight.

My weight has fluctuated from -0- to 2 lbs lost.

2) 7  Minute Mile: I have attempted to run my fastest mile 3 times.  Once after weight resistance training and twice after earlier cardio sesssions.  In other words, I was not fully rested.   My times  were:    8:55 , 8:48 and 8:52


That’s all for now… June 9th is approaching quickly!!!!  :)


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet,not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play


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