Diabetic Minefield

diabetic minefieldDiabetics, friends, fellow earth dwellers … please read and heed.

As a newly diagnosed diabetic in 2009, below is a pictorial path I took to a low carb, low inflammation,  paleo lifestyle.




Successful Minefield Navigation


Step 1

Avoid the American Diabetes Association ‘diabetes diet’

Do NOT blindly believe the “experts”, experiment and test. My doctor suggested that I read a book about the Low Glycemic Index.

As I’ve noted many times, I do NOT recommend a low glycemic index meal plan… that is TOO MUCH like the flawed treatment and flawed meal plan supported by the American Diabetes Association.

However, it did send me on a journey of learning and self-experimentation that lead me to a great deal of knowledge regarding my blood sugar. The less carbohydrates I ate… the lower my blood sugar levels would be. This knowledge gave me QUITE the education.  My own experimentation lead me to lower and lower carb consumption…. and lower and lower inflammation.  Not coincidentally this lead to less and less drugs & insulin, eventually weaning off of both.


Step 2

Do NOT heed the dietary advice of your Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)… unless they are one of the few that promote a VERY low carb paleo meal plan like this one, “My Meal Plan“. 

Be careful!!!  A common ploy is for a CDE to say, “oh yes, I support a low carb meal plan” … only to find out later they do not.  If the meal plan has milk, grains, cereal, pasta, bread  on the meal plan… RUN AWAY!!!

I went to a CDE once… only once. She was shocked that I had weaned off drugs and insulin!! When I told her I ate eggs… she said, “Oh no, those are not good for you.”

This is going to be an ongoing theme… but don’t believe ME… try going low carb paleo yourself.

Follow my meal plan for a week.  You will see your blood sugar levels decline.


Step 3

Avoid Big Pharma lies and deceptions.

The cholesterol commercials are SO typical…. like this Crestor commercial.

Here’s a link to their video if you want to see it.

“When diet and exercise alone aren’t enough.”


There are so many commercials that … lie.

Cereal commercials promoting ‘heart healthy whole grains”… there is NO such thing!!!

Glucerna ads promoting their high carb processed foods for diabetics… should be criminal!

It goes on and on.

Do NOT believe Big Food or Big Pharma’s lies and deceptions promising better health and better living if you will ONLY eat this food… or ONLY take this drug.


Step 4

Trying a low carb, low inflammation meal plan.

If you can make it to this 4th step…. you will begin to see the benefits of a truly low-carb, paleo lifestyle!


I urge you to please try it.

IF NOT for yourself…. for your loved ones.

Try my low-carb primal meal plan for 7 days.

You will see and feel a difference.

If you are still confused and need a How-To-Manual on avoiding the diabetic minefield, here it is my ebook “How to Reduce Blood Sugars“.


Take care and I wish you all the best!