The More Things Change….

…. the more things stay the same.

This post will look at ‘breaking news’ from a diabetes study 14 years ago. When I began I was looking for a post I could ridicule and show how nothing has changed in 14 years.  Well, this  study certainly fills that ‘order’ and more. The more I read… the more outraged I became and I think you will agree.


The title of this post is ‘provocative’ … isn’t it. “Research Finds Insulin Ineffective For Many Diabetics“.   This study and article is so flawed… this article is a perfect example of why I have such little regard for ‘medical studies’.

The title alone could give the false impression that insulin is not effective and could discourage some from utilizing it… that is an outrage all by itself!  But it gets worse… trust  me.

Let’s now look at …

The Study

When you look at any study the first rule is …  FIND WHO FUNDS the study. On most Science Daily articles it’s located at the very bottom of the page. This study is funded by … Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Huh! … this group sounds great, no? After all … they are for research and QUALITY!!

A 10 second Google search reveals… voila!   It’s a government funded study!!!   LOL!

Why not just say …. ‘funded by the US Dept of Health and Human Services???

Why make it appear that this is a private group?


We all know, (or should) the government promotes a high carb, low fat meal plan that benefits large pharmaceutical companies and large corporations like Monsanto and PepsiCo.   So all ready I know this study is likely to be tainted.

Just another quick comment… it’s reassuring to know your tax dollars are at work here… isn’t it??

Now for the MEAT of the article….

“Insulin therapy was found to be largely ineffective in achieving tight blood sugar control, even when combined with substantial increases in a patient’s visits to the doctor’s office and home blood sugar monitoring,”

… I want to yell and scream  obscenities after reading this comment.

This is the same ‘BS’ type of study that is used to condemn meat or saturated fat.

Studies PROVE that 90% of diabetics FAIL their treatment… 90%!   …. so they CONDEMN insulin therapy???

This study claims insulin usage is ineffective because those that take insulin do not maintain proper proper glucose levels…. HELLO!!!! … it’s not the insulin usage!!!  It is the ‘carb up, shoot up’ diabetes treatment plan promoted by the American Diabetes Association, Joslins, CDEs etc etc.

“carb up and shoot up” does NOT work…. it has FAILED!

Hayward suggests the medical profession needs to reconsider whether the standard of tight glycemic control for virtually all diabetics is appropriate or necessary.


What a crock of …. stuff.    Blood Sugar is THE KEY to a long and fulfilling life.

How  many people have been harmed by this flawed reasoning??




You may be asking yourself… BUT why would someone publish a study saying this?

It may seem logical that Big Pharma would want to promote drug and insulin usage as being helpful.

1) There are plenty of studies showing that drugs are effective…  believe me, that message is definitely being heard’ by the medical industry.

2) While I do not ‘know’ why …. I believe its’ the same reason the “Accord Studies” attempted to show that tight blood sugar control was dangerous.


Here’s WHY in my opinion.

American Diabetes Association (ADA), FDA, NIH etc all profit from  ‘dumbing down’ diabetics.

They, Big Pharma and Monstanto all want diabetics to believe that ‘tight control’ is not  only unhealthy but almost unattainable.

If they believe tight control is unattainable what happens?   Diabetics continue to eat grains, take drugs and use diabetic services of CDEs.   It’s a win / win for ADA, FDA and NIH …. and Diabetes Educators.

…  WE KNOW THE CURRENT DIABETES TREATMENTS as recommended by the medical industry succeed in ONLY ONE AREA!!!  It succeeds in requiring ever increasing drugs, insulin and ‘diabetes services’…. :(

… it also succeeds in keeping diabetics eating Monsanto’s grains as well as PepsiCo’s products.



Studies like this are why I hold studies in general in such low regard. It’s also why I hold ‘experts’ in such low regard….

These people are either Ignorant Imbeciles OR … they are shills for Big Pharma and Monsanto… which is it???

You see… this is the same failed logic… the same failed statements of poor blood sugar control that we hear today.

The more things change … the more they stay the same. :(

Here is a post on  a related matter, the flawed and misleading Diabetes Accord study will shine some light on this topic, “This Accord is No Honda“.


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