Day 11 Update – Plan of Attack

This post is an update thru Day 11 of my 21 Day Challenge … it culminates on my 50th Birthday, June 9th.

Here are my previous posts, “Intro” and this is my “The Plan“, “Day 7 Update“.

To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to:

a) Develop 6 pack abs in 21 days.

b) Run a sub 7 minute mile.


When I talk about my ‘eats’ and my eXercise … I am attempting to motivate you by showing you what a formerly obese diabetic can do.

If I can do it … so can YOU!!!

Do something today …. and do a little more each day.


Here are my nutrient ratios for the first 11 days …. woo HOO!!! :)


** Note: This is a ‘two week’ report, the date shows 5/17/11 but data is from 5/19 foward.

How did I do according to my meal plan… or my Actual vs ‘Budget”?

I nailed it… again! :)  Fats, Proteins and  Carbs were all solidly as planned…. carbs are sneaking up close to 10 grams per day.

By the way, except for today (Italian Sausage 4g) all the carbs are coming from Eggs, Heavy Whipping Cream and Cheese.


How did it go according to my exercise plan?

Again… I nailed it!    On alternating days I performed:

– Weight Resistance and Intense  Cardio, two separate sessions

– Two sessions of Intense Cardio


Note: I did perform according to plan in the first 11 DAYS … HOWEVER there is no guarantee the plan will accomplish my goals.

Goal Update

1)  6 Pack Abs – some apparent reduction of body fat … there is definitely more definition and even my wife said so.  BUT/However…  I have a long way to go to have a ‘six pack’ … I do have 10 more days. :)

My weight has fluctuated from (1) to (4) lbs lost.

2) 7  Minute Mile: I have attempted to run my fastest mile 4 times.  Once after weight resistance training and twice after earlier cardio sesssions.  In other words, I was not fully rested.   My times  were:    8:55 , 8:48, 8:52  and THEN TODAY!!!! … 8:26  and it was hot too.

What caused a 22 second decrease in time??? ….  most variables were the same except for two:

a) I ran fasted … only coffee and cream before running.

b) I performed no previous workouts.

** Still a LONG way to go in 10 days… but I was pleased at the significant improvement.

By the way, this was my best recorded time since high school… I feel Great about that!!!


That’s all for now… June 9th is approaching quickly!!!!  :)


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet,not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play


2 thoughts on “Day 11 Update – Plan of Attack”

  1. Congratulations in you success following your new protocol.
    Your post reminded me of 4 Hour Body. Have you read it? His diet includes beans and requires 4 meals a day, so I wont even touch it, but the chapters about getting abs and increasing speed of running might help you achieve your goals.

    1. Hey Cecilia,

      Thanks for the advice… I have not read the book for the same reasons you mentioned.

      I have found the answer to my ‘main goals’…. normal blood sugar and -0- sickness… so until that’s broken I like ‘where I am’. :)

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