Primal Failures

First, let me say YES it is true… I have had two Primal Failures.  I like to brag or show successes…but I do have failures too.

It is also TRUE that when looking at the goals that REALLY count … PRIMAL Delivered… BIG TIME!

Those main goals are:

1) Improved Cholesterol Profile

2) Normal Blood Sugar Levels

3) Improved ‘life’ and vitality … I truly do THRIVE and not just SURVIVE!!! :)

** On the REALLY important goals… “Primal Living” was a major success.


However…. there are two goals that I have yet to achieve.

My 50th birthday is June 9th …  I decided that I wanted to perform an ‘all out ATTACK’ to achieve these last two goals…. before my 50th birthday.

In this post on my first blog, back on August 25, 2009 I gave an update on my goals.


Goal Updates

Below are my goals with the ‘8/25/09 Status Update’ in GREEN or RED depending on the success fail status.


1) Wearing 32” jeans…Done! (I can wear 30’s!!!)

2) BMI = Normal, Current Weight = 168 lbs…..Done!

3) 30 Push Ups….DONE! I actually completed 41 on Sunday!!!

4) “Beating sons in basketball”…Done!

** Update:   I played my 20 yr old son on 5/20/2010 … I won 2 out of 3,  11-5, 8-11, 11-6

ARGH!!!!! :)

5) Sub 7 Minute Mile – I did not reach this goal…



1) Sub 7 Minute Mile – I REALLY regretted making this a goal…  my best recorded time is 8:19 back on August 3, 2009.

Why did I make such a goal?? ….in 10th grade we had to run a 7 minute mile to play basketball…and that was one of the few goals I could actually think of when it came time to “declare your goals” when I started P90X.

I really have not thought about it much since ’09, pretty much forgot about it … until the other day.

2) Six Pack Abs

Ok… I know this one was not listed… but if we are connected online or off….  you have heard me mention this in  the past.

I WANT SIX PACK ABS before I DIE!!!! :) I never mentioned it because  back in ’09 when I started… I never WOULD have thought that I would get  close…. but I did. When I did begin to actually see ‘abs’ … I began to think… I CAN DO THIS!

I am ‘content’ with my body and my health … and that’s all that really matters but I do want a six pack once in  my life.  Maybe it’s because I  was once obese … or my age… who knows?!

I am using my 50th birthday to rev up my motivation and give me something to shoot for.
I started training for this AGAIN in  earnest on 5/19/11.  Prior to then I usually ate below 20 grams of carbohydrates, almost always sub  30 grams …. but NEVER more than 50 grams.  I also intermittent fast, almost  daily. Lastly, I workout 5-6 days a week alternating weight resistance (body weights, dumb bells, kettle bells, plyometrics or sprints).

I will tweak my eats and  exercise for 21 days to see if I can make it happen.

In an upcoming post, I’ll detail my ‘PLAN of ATTACK” … detailing my planned meal plan and exercise tweaks.   I’ll also have before pics, weight etc etc.

It is an ALL OUT assault on a Six Pack…. and a 7 minute  mile…  I promise you that. :)


Here is the Follow Up Post, where I detail my “Plan of Attack“.


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play

3 thoughts on “Primal Failures”

  1. Pretty cool goals! I’ve been pretty lazy as far as running goes lately. You’re inspiring me to get off my butt! I find that when I’m running regularly, the stuff that helps me gain speed is intermittent sprinting. I just all out sprint for a minute, then walk/jog lightly for a minute, then repeat until I feel like throwing up!

    1. Thanks Emily. :)

      I love the “intermittent sprinting” phrase. :)

      I’ve implemented Fartlek training from the beginning… walking jogging, jogging-running and now jogging-sprinting. :)

      Here’s a link … so you now I’m serious.

      I had to start sharing the link … because some people think I’m making some crude joke…. :))

      All the best to YOU!

      1. Oh yeah, that’s what they’re called! Hahaha I probably can never remember the word for it because I never say it…because people will laugh. :D

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