Plan of Attack & Before Pics

In my previous post I mentioned my unmet goals… click here for that post, “Primal Failures” … granted they are not significant in relation to my overall health and ‘thrivability‘ … however, a GOAL made is a goal that must be PLAYED!

21 Day Goals

1) Six Pack Abs

2) Sub 7 Minute Mile

Using the Primal Lifestyle as my guide …  over a 21 day period (5/19/11 to 6/9/2011) June 9th just happens to be the big 50! … , I will adhere to a Plan of Attack I have devised. I am confident it will lead to improvement and hopefully, ultimately to success …


The Eats

Since August ’09, I have been fully Primal … I am always sub 50g and usually sub 30g in carbohydrate consumption.

Below are my recent ranges and my ‘Plan of Attack” ranges.  Click here for a post on previous food journal.


1)  Protein and Carbs will be reduced.

2) Fat grams for sure will be increased… and likely Calories.

3) Using these ranges, my plan is to be 75-80 % of calories from fat. :)

The Exercises

Focus will be more on Intense Cardio… doing at least 15 minutes per day of REALLY INTENSE EXERCISE.

These will include sprinting, running and various plyometric exercies including air squats, lunges, jumping jacks, burpees, bleacher work etc etc.

I will DEFINITELY not exclude weight resistance exercises but my focus will be intense cardio. When I say intense cardio, I am talking about increasing my heart rate into the 80% plus ranges of Estimated Maximum Heart Rate.

YOUR Estimated Maximum Heart Rate can be determined by…

Subtracting your age from 220… in a few weeks mine will be 170. (do the math) :)


Baseline – the starting point.

These are the stats….

Weight: 173

Mile: 8:55   (ran an 8:48 today)

Before pics…. below.



We shall see what happens!

BRING IT!!!!    Argh!!!!!!!!!!


If you missed the first post it is here,  “Primal Failures


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