Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Look! A diabetes educator is showing a diabetic what foods to eat.   :(

IF you are are a diabetic who only receives your information from Medical Industry professionals (doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators),  you need to read this post… diabetic or not.

  • things your doctor never told you



  • Low Carb diets may reverse Kidney failure in people with diabetes.

… know what else your American Diabetes Association (ADA) loving, American Association of Diabetes Educator (AADE) trained CDE probably did not tell you???

“Low carb diets can reverse  diabetic neuropathy… if caught in time.”

… it’s not just the ‘diet’ that does this … it’s maintaining normal blood sugars and exercise will help too. (in my opinion).

IF you normalize blood sugars, your body will begin to heal itself, but normal blood sugars are the key.  I’m talking Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars under 100 mg/dl, under 140 mg/dl 2 hours post meal and under 120 mg/dl 1 hour post meal… at a minimum.

You and I both know that ‘normal blood sugar’  is almost impossible eating the high carb, grain based meal plan pushed by the CDEs via the support of the ADA and  AADE .

Why do I say, “you probably never heard’ the news  above?

Because a distinguished, well trained, well experienced doctor, an MD  (Dr. Dean Jenkins) who has designed courses in diabetes treatment didn’t know.  And if he did not know how is a PepsiCo trained… excuse me,  I meant, how is a “Medical Industry” trained CDE supposed to know?

Does the name Dr. Dean Jenkins sound familiar? It should … he and I had several exchanges in these posts, check them out some time if you have not done so…. very interesting.

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Back to the topic of this post…

The other day on Google Plus I posted this article from Science Daily ,”Low Carb Diet may reverse kidney failure in people with diabetes” (long title).


When I posted the article I said this…

Do you have diabetes?

If so, I bet your diabetes educator never told you this…

“Our study is the first to show that a dietary intervention alone is enough to reverse this serious complication of diabetes,”



The post received 37 comments …it was a  lively discussion.  You can {click here} to see the entire thread.

I lead off the comments with  this …

 “Dean Jenkins … if I can find this… why can’t ‘diabetes educators’?”


That is the crucial question… why is it that so much of the advice that diabetics receive…

– eat 40 to 60 grams of carbs per meal, 4 to 6 meals a day.

– eat grains each meal

– eat fruit and vegetables each meal

– limit saturated fats

– limit protein, blah blah blah…

… why is that I disagree with ALL of that advice and I have normal blood sugar with -0- drugs and -0- insulin?
… why is it that  ALL of their poor nutritional advice causes more drug and insulin usage and  more need for “diabetes services”?


Is it not ODD that all of their nutritional blunders benefit Monsanto, PepsiCo, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry?

Is it all … just coincidence?  … I don’t think so.


The News

By the way the  information in the study is not new news.  I’ve known this for over two years now… all of my diabetic complications are gone.

OH! … so, how did I (an untrained type 2 diabetic) find the article about low carbs reversing kidney failure… the article that a doctor specializing in diabetes care  did not know about???

Did I search through books and books of medical journals???

No… I went to and  typed in and searched for “diabetes ketogenic” … the article above was the very first study/article presented on   … that’s how easy and simple it was to find this study.

It’s so easy… A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT!

Apparently it’s too difficult for those in the “Medical Industry” to comprehend the complex key strokes….


As I have said many times… diabetes industry including doctors, nutritionists, educators etc etc… there is a reason or reasons why they do not inform diabetics of the advantages to a low carb, paleo meal plan.

a) willful ignorance

b) intellectual laziness

c) greed

d)  all of the  above

So which is it?

Yes,  the stench of greed and self interest angers me…  does it anger you?


If the needless pain and suffering of diabetics angers you… what are YOU going to do about it?

Won’t YOU be a Diabetes Warrior… TODAY!!!


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

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5 thoughts on “Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You”

  1. Excellent. I love your passion on this subject. I wonder what percentage of diabetics start searching and actually come across low carb info and try it? I know there’s tons of diabetes info out there; but most of it says what the ADA says, I’m assuming. I see the mags in the grocery store check-out aisles. You know, the ones with pictures of cake on the cover? It’s so absurd.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lynn. Percentage who try LC? … I have no idea. I’m sure many people have heard of low carb or Atkins but how many actually try it? …not many. And I understand why, it’s vilified in the press and in diabetes educator / doctor’s offices every single day. The high carb, grain based meal plan is pushed on the overwhelming majority of them.

      Most diabetes educators are like Dr. Dean Jenkins … they never even mention it. (Hopefully Dr. Jenkins has changed … but I doubt it. )

      Unless I meet them on a paleo or primal forum … very few diabetics know that it’s the preferred ‘diet’ for diabetes.

      Good news? While still a tiny minority … our numbers grow daily. :)

  2. I wish my diabetes educators had told me that when I had gestational diabetes. Instead I was told that even trace amounts of ketones in my urine would cause brain damage to my son.

    What are your thoughts on low carb and lost beta cells. I’m concerned about my fasting sugars and trying to locate a local doctor who will work with me as far as my diet goes, since I won’t do the ADA diet (ick!), but I know that I need to get on insulin because my sugars are so far out of control.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I eat very low carb… but I don’t consider myself ‘low carb’ Low Carb can mean all kinds of ‘frankenfoods’ that I don’t recommend eating. I typically describe myself as a “low carb primal’ adherent, avoiding all grains, veggie oils, milk and sugar/HFCS etc.

      I make the clarification because I do believe that reducing inflammation allows the body to heal itself better. With the body spending less resources on dealing with inflammatory agents … it can spend more resources on healing.

      I was once told that my ‘normal blood sugars’ were the result of an extended ‘honey moon period’ with my pancreas … if that is the case, I intend on resting it all I can …for the rest of my life. :) I have read that strict paleo has allowed pancreases to heal … I have no idea if it’s true … or not. I would suggest anyone going ‘strict paleo’ to see if it works for them. It certainly can not hurt and you could regain your life. :)

      NORMAL BLOOD SUGARS ARE THE KEY! … I urge you to ‘get normal’ as soon as possible, by all means necessary… including diet, diabetes drugs and / or insulin. Reducing cell damage is very important. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.

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