So on behalf of all of those that oppose Big Food, Monsanto, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry’s harmful advice …. THANK YOU NC BOARD OF DIETETICS AND NUTRITION!!! By attempting to silence my little ol’ blog …. you have helped SPREAD THE WORD TO 100′s of thousands of people.

One Million Page Views, Blog Update.

1) It’s not over … the battle continues. I will NOT back down … and I will NOT WAIVER!!! We will take the fight to the enemy until this war is won!   2) The courts had said that I was not harmed when the state board of dietetics told […]

I fought the law and … I WON!!!

I received a letter from the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutritionists stating that I am in ‘substantial compliance’ with NC Law.  The letter was dated April 9, 2012 and I received it April 20, 2012.  If this is new to you, click here for the investigation post. In […]

I Received a Letter from the NC Board of Nutrition ...

I have MUCH TO SAY about the investigation… unfortunately I have not had time to put all my thoughts together into something that resembles a ‘cohesive’ post. I know what you are thinking… “Steve! That never stopped you before!!”  ;) If you are unaware of this site’s investigation… “Click Here” […]

Brief Update on the Site Investigation, Jimmy Moore, etc

This blog and I are being investigated by the NC Board of Dietitians due to, egads!! I tell people to eat like I do!!!!  …without a license!! Oh the horrors!!!  Every single person that ‘eats like me’ or similarly improves health markers… every single one. Here is a link to the NC Law […]

This Site & Free Speech are being investigated