One Million Page Views, Blog Update.

DW stats 11-4-131 MILLION PAGE VIEWS!!!!


First …  Wooo HOOO!!!

A few weeks ago I just happened to see the ‘Lifetime” Page Views button, clicked on it and was ASTONISHED! 

The blog was approaching 1,000,000 PAGE VIEWS!!!!

Much of the thanks belongs to YOU the readers of my humble blog for sharing the contents and my story.  MUAH! :)

Many of these are page views are from  ‘first timers’ to the site since much of the visitors these days are visiting due to the NC Board’s investigation of the site and the subsequent lawsuit we filed.  “We” being me and the “Institute for Justice“. :)

So on behalf of all of those that oppose Big Food, Monsanto, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry’s harmful advice ….  THANK YOU NC BOARD OF DIETETICS AND NUTRITION!!!

By attempting to silence my little ol’ blog …. you have helped SPREAD THE WORD TO  100’s of thousands of people. Who knows maybe even millions when you consider that many have heard of my case but may not come to my site, hopefully they end up on other ‘paleo friendly’ websites. :)


Blog Update

A couple of months ago I committed to a few things.

1) Doing more of what I love.  I do try to squeeze every last drop out of life but most days that’s just not enough for me, given the demands of my occupation.

Life is truly short and I’ve decided to ‘go all out’ and do what I love. Educating, motivating and entertaining people… on a daily basis.   I have several projects lined up and as the details become more solid of course I’ll let you know. :)

2) Writing blog posts more often. I have really slacked off since the State of NC Board of Nutrition and Dietetics investigated my site. Some of the decline was due the threats levied against me by the state … but also life (and my job) got in the way.

I am COMMITTING right here and now (11/5/13) to write more diabetes related blog posts more frequently, at least once a week… so check back often!   All will have a diabetes slant but as I have said before…  the way I eat, the way I exercise and the way I live… can benefit everyone on the planet.  If you don’t believe me… try it for one week.  Here’s how I eat, “Meal Plan“.

3) Becoming more active again in Social Media. I LOVE helping people and I LOVE shining light where there is darkness, especially when there are those that profit from the pain and suffering of ‘the people’.

There is NO better way to accomplish both than by doing more of #3.  In fact, becoming more active in Social Media is major part of ‘doing what I love’ as well.



When I started the ‘ride’, I really thought I’d just help a few people with my story.

But thanks in large part to all those that share my blog with others… the message is helping many.  Yes it’s true that the publicity of the lawsuit has helped spread the message far and wide but the whole truth is, had so many of you not shared my blog’s message, it’s unlikely that the Institute for Justice would have taken my case.

The Institute for Justice receive many requests for help each year and they can’t take them all.  But because of YOU they heard about my case… and contacted me!  There is no way I would have sued the state of NC without the help of the Institute for Justice.

So sincerely… thank you all. You all help spread the message… far and wide. :)


Steve Cooksey