Reality Check: I am not Superman, I took a drug

13 - 1Yes, it’s true… I am not Superman, I am human and I did take a drug…

I make a big deal about the fact that I’ve not taken a drug since March 2009, this after having been a drug company’s DREAM. You can see a list of all the drugs I had taken before March 2009 here, “Drugs I Took” and a list of the ailments I ‘had’ , “Ailments Then and Now“.

Are you a diabetic or have other ailments, illnesses or diseases? Do you take drugs? Think about this for a moment, if you answered yes to the questions above, who is your lifestyle benefiting? Certainly not you. Why not try a better way? I did.

Since March 2009, after all the injuries, cuts and scrapes AND after never treating any of them with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial lotion, potions, creams or drugs I felt… well … indestructible. I know I am destructible, but you sometimes push it to the back of your mind. After all, when I look back at all the illnesses I HAD and all the drugs I TOOK (past tense) what could I not OVERCOME!?! What could ‘take me down’?

For the first time in 4 1/2 years, since March ’09, I took a drug.

Rest assured, it was not a diabetes drug. All is well with my blood sugar. :)

The drug was Hydrocodone and it was for pain, I stretched out a 2 day prescription to four days starting on 9/26/13. I did something STUPID! The result of the stupidity was a severely sprained shoulder or a possible Rotator Cuff tear. X-rays showed no broken/fractured bones, so all is good on that front.

Here is the drug and my hospital bracelet. :P



Brief Story

There are 3 main ways people wreck bicycles…

1) They run into things.

2) Things run into them.

3) People do stupid things, lose their balance and fall.

… mine was the 3rd one.

Certainly not proud of it but it happened. Intense pain shot up through my shoulder, I was able to get up and push my bike home.
The next morning, I woke to SEVERE pain and wanting to SCREAM just getting out of bed. I could not EVEN put a shirt on. My son had my vehicle, there was NO way to ride my bike with the pain … Luckily I only worked a mile away. Luckily too it was still warm, so I walked to work #Barefoot and #Shirtless. ;)

A friend met me outside work and he helped me put on a T-Shirt … and even with assistance we had to cut the sleeves to get the shirt on. Yes, I was PITIFUL! And yes… I hate that feeling! Later that day he dropped me off at the Emergency Room and a couple of hours later I was feeling the warm glow of Hydrocodone …

I was never so happy to take a drug in MY LIFE!!!

I ‘preach’ against the use of taking drugs… needlessly. Brother and sisters, this was NEEDED! I used the drug and just like I had done with the diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension drugs… I weaned off of them.

You will not know if you take drugs needlessly, until you try a truly low inflammatory meal plan.


It’s been almost three weeks and recovery has been slow … very slow, painfully slow! I got stuff to do!!! I don’t have time for this! ;)
Of course I’m not the ‘ideal’ patient, after a couple of days of resting the shoulder it started feeling better. In my mind it just needed stretching and eXercise!!! So one morning, I performed weighted Kettlebell Squats ….. Big MISTAKE. I was WRONG! After a couple of repeated attempts at ‘self-rehabbing’…

I have FINALLY LEARNED MY LESSON! Other than running, my shoulder is resting, no LIFTING. I’d actually be doing a lot of running now anyway, training for the Tough Mudder on 11/1 and 11/2, so this hasn’t been a huge problem for me… as long as it heals. Still hopeful I will heal up in time to compete, but it’s not a sure thing… at all. . #FingersCrossed. I have NOT done a push up, overhead press nor curl since 9/25/13!!!

All I can do is half a push up with my knees on the floor. :( :( :(

Still, there have been improvements. Today for the first time I put a T-shirt on like a normal person would and with only minor pain.


Yes I FINALLY took a drug, but only for 4 days. I am STILL diabetes drug and insulin free. AND take NO DRUGS on an ongoing basis… none, nada, zilch. The Hydrocodone was the first drug I’ve had PERIOD since March ’09 … and I was once a Big Pharma DREAM!
If you are putting money in the pockets of Big Food… then you too are probably lining the pockets of Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

STOP IT! … I did and I am never looking back!

Promise me one thing … you will take time today to enjoy life… to enjoy LIVING!

… I do. :)