Tom Hanks has Type 2 Diabetes

Tom Hanks, Diabetes & 6 Degrees of Separation

When I first heard that Tom Hanks had Type 2 Diabetes … I immediately sent him this message from my Diabetes-Warrior Twitter acount to his.  I said…

I can help


I’ve sent messages like this to celebrities in the past and I’ve never heard back from anyone.  That’s not a surprise, I’m sure the celebrities received 1,000’s of  messages offering them prayers, solutions and well wishes.   I sent the message two days ago and I wasn’t going to attempt any further contact until ….

A dear friend Kathy Gregory posted this message regarding Mr. Hanks.



Then another dear friend posted this on my wall and Mr. Hanks’ Facebook page.



The messages reminded me of the power of  “Social Media”.,.  (how could I forget) :)

As I began to ponder on my next move I thought about the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation” and decided to write this post. By the way, “6 Degrees of Separation”  is the theory that everyone is just six connections from everyone else.

Who knows… maybe someone who knows someone who knows Tom… will share it with him.



First and foremost it’s because I want to help others.  I have helped people from every socio-economic group …   but to help a celebrity, especially one of Tom’s caliber would help spread this message FAR AND WIDE!

Helping Tom Hanks would not be just helping ‘one man’ … it would possibly help MILLIONS!

Here’s my “About Me” post.

tom hanks 3


To summarize this post … TOM HANKS!!!!   Sir, I can help you.

By sharing this post, you never know if someone knows someone who knows Tom’s cousin, best friend’s gardener …  :)

Let’s use social media and share this post … let’s let Tom know that he can start THRIVING!!! … and not just surviving.

Let’s see if Tom Hanks can help us … change the nutritional WORLD!


Special thanks to Kathy Gregory and Tammy Robertson for giving me the ‘push’ to write this post. Fingers crossed! ;)