Diabetes Money Trail

Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry all profit from diabetes. Diabetes “costs” us all greatly, for non-diabetics it’s ‘only’ money, but for diabetics it’s money and quality of life issues.

  • Diabetes Money Trail
  • Greed for money and power are the root of many of our planet’s ills.


The graph below shows the large picture of the DIABETES MONEY TRAIL. Take a look at the Figure and we’ll discuss it further below.


Note: This is a simplistic view.  Public and Private insurance money is paid to many groups including the medical industry.  This post looks at just the Big Pharma (large drug companies) piece of the pie.


Diabetes Money Trail


1) ALL taxpayers “pay” for diabetic treatments reimbursed by Medicare/Medicaid.


2) Everyone that has private insurance helps pay for diabetic treatments. That is the nature of insurance, the costs are spread out over all of the insurance policyholders.

Diabetes and diabetic complications cause or contribute to approximately $245 BILLION dollars annually in the US.  This number is from 2012, the cost is much higher now, I’m sure.

Note: Remember, when anyone mentions ‘cost’ … that’s revenue for someone. The $254 billion, is revenue for the Medical Industry.


3) Private and Public Insurances collected monies from the public.  These monies end up padding the pockets of BIG PHARMA (click here to learn about Big Pharma) , these are paid to Big Pharma in the form of insurance payments for drugs and diabetic supplies.


4) Big Pharma dispenses their cash to the Medical Industry by funding  “studies”, scholarships, fellowships, partnerships etc.  Harvard recently decided to restrict ties to the industry?


5) Big Pharma also “pays off” or “contributes”  to the American Diabetes Ass…. in 2008 they “contributed” $19+ million dollars to the ADA.  Shouldn’t this be a conflict of interest????


6) American Diabetes Ass. – to complete the  Money Trail… the ADA continues to promote a high carb meal plan, a meal plan that will guarantee a steady supply of not only new “customers” but will also cause existing “customers” to require more and more of  Big Pharma’s “products”.
The ADA promotes a meal plan that REQUIRES diabetics to take DRUGS to treat the elevated blood sugars the foods cause.

Diabetes is a disease of elevated blood sugars. Why does the ADA promote a meal plan that raises blood sugars? I’ve asked them many times but I’ve never received an answer.  I belive the ADA promotes a diabetes diet that raises blood sugars… to please it’s largest corproate donors… Big Pharma.

In 2008, Big Pharma paid the ADA $19 million dollars, a hell-u-va lot of money, but peanuts compared to the amount Big Pharma paid in 2012… a whopping $31 million. If the ADA discontinued promoting a meal plan that spikes blood sugars, would Big Pharma continue to pay millions upon millions of dollars?

One day I hope to find out.


Two Types of Cost

There are two types of costs, monetary costs and ‘quality of life’ costs. Both costs have been skyrocketing during the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

EVERY time the American Diabetes Association (ADA) or the Medical Industry advises a diabetic to eat ‘the ADA way’, the diabetic MUST “cover” the foods with drugs or insulin, or they are causing harm to every cell in their bodies. Regardless, eating foods that raise blood sugars increase revenue to drug companies and the Medical Industry.

When this happens, you the taxpayer and you the policyholder pay for it …. nothing is FREE!

And remember, a ‘cost’ is a revenue to Big Pharma and the Medical Industry. :(

The diabetic “pays” for this as well, not only with money but quality of life costs. Hundreds of thousands die each year due to diabetes worldwide.


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10 thoughts on “Diabetes Money Trail”

  1. Joslin for decades WAS the preeminent expert on diabetes treatment. That all went out the window when they bought into the ADA garbage.

  2. That about sums up that mess!! Your chart is elegant and disturbing!! You could add arrows from the A.D.ASS. back to the “Diabetic Population” because it's through the encouragement of the A.D.ASS. that so many Diabetics continue to follow the so-called meal “plan” which requires more and more drugs to help them try and manage uncontrollable blood sugar. It's a never-ending cycle.


  3. Alcinda, thanks for contributing. Given your personal experience on both the “consumer” and “provider” of care… I always value your inputs. Steve

  4. You are welcome Brian, thanks for the thanks. :) Valid point on “completing the circle” … will do.

    I had thought about that originally, but …to give a true picture we need to bring in NIH, FDA and WHO in my opinion. True the ADA is a “source” for diabetics but they receive instruction from FDA/NIH … it's a tangled web…the co-mingling of money and influence … is quite sickening… OH WELL! “We will endeavor to persevere!” Chief Dan, “Outlaw Josey Wells” :)

    Think about this, only 10 % of US population is “diabetic”. This is just a guess but probably close to 25% is pre-diabetic or soon will be. Thanks again

  5. Yep, and until we as a society revolutionize our dietary habits the Diabetic and other metabolic syndromes are only going to get MUCH worse. Then we'll have to take on which crops get the govt subsidies, BIG AGRA, and why 99% of 'cheap' food is over-processed and it all contains corn or soy in one form or another.

  6. Two of my sisters died from diabetic complications. I wonder what would have happened if they had gone to see Dr. Bernstein?

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