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Frittata and Eggs are Diabetes Friendly

One of the first foods that I gravitated towards after my Diabetes diagnosis (other than fatty meat) was… eggs.  Eggs are a nearly perfect food and yes, eggs are diabetes friendly.

  • Eggs are low carb
  • Eggs contain nutritious fats and proteins


Before diabetes diagnosis I had greatly reduced my egg consumption, when I did eat them…  I surrounded them with bread or biscuits and washed them down with sweet juices … you get the idea. However, since my diabetes diagnosis I eat a very low carb paleo diet, which includes a lot of EGGS!  I usually eat one to two DOZEN eggs a week… every week. :)

Eggs are diabetes friendly
Eggs are diabetes friendly


I am not a “fancy” chef,  I’m more like a “fry cook”!  I had been making “scrambled eggs & stuff” for awhile when someone online said, ‘Hey, that looks like a frittata’.  I didn’t realize it had a name. :) Frittatas are quick, easy and always delicious. Clean up can be a pain, but NOT if you use enough fat! :)


Frittata, You Must Break Eggs

Frittatas are made from eggs, meats and veggies, how can it not be delicious!!

It’s also low carb paleo! :)

Frittatas are actually easier to make than “Scrambled  Eggs and Stuff” and EVEN easier to clean up too if you know how to do it. :)


Frittatas are Diabetes Friendly

Frittatas can include whatever you like to eat… any meat or veggie will do. This particular Frittata is made of Eggs, Pork Sausage and Collard Greens.


Cooking Steps

1) Cook meats & veggies in a cast iron skillet.

I  usually brown the meat first and then add the vegetables.  Cooking the  veggies only for a minute or two.

For my “single serving” today, I used about 4 oz of sausage and approximately 1 cup of greens.

Eggs are diabetes friendly
Browning Meat and Cooking the Veggies


2) Pour 4-6 beaten eggs into skillet, on top of cooked meats and veggies….and season.

Eggs are diabetes friendly
Eggs are poured on top of meat and veggies


3) Cook for about 3 minutes, COVERED on medium heat.  (Covered helps cook the eggs through out.)

4) While the eggs are frying on the stove top , turn oven on broil and make sure rack is on the top position.

5) Place skillet on the top rack, and check frequently, it will only take a couple of minutes.  You can add cheese at this point or even butter to make a nice presentation. :)


Eggs are diabetes friendly
Frittatas are diabetes friendly

6) Cut and EAT!!!! :)


Frittatas Made with Eggs

You can use more meat and eggs which will make a “thicker” Frittata… perfect for making larger meals for refrigerating / freezing later.

For seasoning… I used Slap Ya Mama and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Carbs – with 4 eggs, less than 6g total.

Add approximately .5 grams of carbs per egg. Collards are about 3 grams per cup. Check your nutritional labels…AS ALWAYS!



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  1. Good question Mike. I purchased this from Walmart, “Jamestown Brand” Hot Sausage. As you know many sausages have carbs/sugar/fructose added… I do not buy these generally, just out of principle. But this particular brand has -0- carbs.

  2. The great think about fritattas is almost anything can go into them. I had made a “Clean out the leftovers” frittata with roasted zucchini, onion, bell peppers, tossed in the last green chilie from the fridge with cheese and sausage. It was so good I was eating it cold for the next 3 meal. I know cheese is not primal, I'll get there eventually !

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