ada mission statement

Grading American Diabetes Ass. on a Curve

Another school year nears and schooling is in conversations. Did you hear about the proposal to issue ‘E’ grades in school?  This got me to thinking… what grade would we assign the ADA??

We should judge them against their mission statement, the American Diabetes Ass.’s mission statement is… well, I’ll let them tell you…

ada mission statement
ada mission statement

1) How are they doing on the prevention?   I don’t see how they could fail any worse… honestly…do YOU?  Fail!

2) No cure … EPIC FAIL there… as the ADA food pyramid requires increased drug and insulin usage causing pancreas failure.  The ADA is creating more insulin dependent “customers” for BIG PHARMA daily. FAIL!

3) The vast majority of Diabetics are taking more and more drugs and insulin each year…thanks to the ADA’s high carb food pyramid… so they definitely are NOT improving the lives of diabetics… FAIL!

4) Fund research? I am sure the ADA does. It has to pay dearly to have the results it needs to maintain its “credibility”. Since the ADA does fund reseach… I gotta give them a  “C”. Now…if  the mission statement had said, “funding valid, relevant, valuable research”… then it would have been a FAIL!

5) Deliver services?  I am sure the ADA does and some are even praise worthy… but too many MORE “services” are geared to encouraging diabetics to eat a high carb meal plan….  causing needless suffering, pain and death.  “Carb Up and Shoot UP” is the ADA WAY!  FAIL!

6) Objective and Credible Information???   HAHA… the ONLY people I know who say they believe it…. are those that profit from American Diabetes Ass.  information… people I call ADA Minions. FAIL!

Even grading on a curve… I must give American Diabetes Ass. a failing grade.

I hate to use this worn out cliche’ … but … it is TIME FOR TRUE CHANGE!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over…and expecting a different result. Stop the Insanity!!!

THERE IS A BETTER WAY PEOPLE!!!   Click here to learn about mine.

3 thoughts on “Grading American Diabetes Ass. on a Curve”

    If they were a youngster, the report card might also list comments like –
    Little ADASS:
    does not play well with others.
    has a difficult time seeing opinions other than his own.
    refuses to listen during group share time.
    insists on cookies & juice every day for snack.
    cannot wake up after nap-time, despite the cookies & juice.
    studies well, but only on subjects he already knows.
    strongly resists new ideas.

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