“Primal Girl in a Paleo World” ~Joy Young My good friend Joy Young tweeted that phrase the other day… and it immediately hit me in a profound way. Background Joy and I have been friends for over two years…  it seems as if it was a decade ago!  I was […]

Primal Girl in a Paleo World

If you read the posts of many folks on Facebook / Twitter etc… you can’t help but hear … over and over that many are sick with respiratory issues.  Not just once… but routinely.  I can relate… ‘been there done that‘. As I have explained several times, reducing inflammation allows […]

Yes it’s true, I bought drugs today …

Are you ... inflamed? 9
In my opinion low carb primal is THE best way for all humans to eat. There are many variations within the “primal meal plan”… you don’t have to eat just as I do, especially if you are NON-diabetics. Living according to “The Primal Blueprint” is the best way to live […]

Inflammation Causes & Detection

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post “See, hear and Speak No Evil….”. It is a story of a friend of mine and his battle with Crohns Disease. I also discuss the similarities in treatment and in poor medical advice for both Diabetes and Crohns from the medical establishment. In […]

Same Ole Song and Dance